Gamer Dad Makes Incredible Mario Kart Nursery For Baby Boy

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Gamers can come in all shapes and sizes, but some of the best moments for longtime players is when a parent shares their passion for a game series for the first time with their children. Whether that means dusting off the NES for an introduction to Super Mario Bros. or showing them something a little more modern varies from individual to individual, but one crafty father has taken it a step further by putting together a rather convincing Mario Kart 8 nursery for his son Grant.

Under the YouTube channel Geeksmithing, super dad Wes Swain began constructing one of the more impressive gaming-centric rooms ever seen. Using a number of different tools of the trade, Swain manages to perfectly convey the look and feel of Mario Kart 8 into his young son’s room, almost certainly making gamers of any age jealous in the process.

As is evident by the video, a lot of work has gone into making sure that the nursery lives up to the quality of the latest entry in the beloved kart racing series, with Swain going so far as to recreate the game’s gravity-free zones on the room’s ceiling. This required designing, moulding, painting, and an ample amount of strategy to keep the upside down Mario and his kart fixed above the room, but the end result is impressive to say the least.

This isn’t Swain’s first foray into the world of design either, as he’s done two other nurseries in the past. According to the craftsman, however, the unique premise of Mario Kart 8 “sparked his interest”.

“After a year and a half of work, this puppy is finally done! After creating my Legend of Zelda and Yoshi’s Island nurseries, I knew I had to up the ante just a bit. After searching online, there didn’t seem to be any big attempts at a Mario Kart nursery out there, and with the newest version coming out, Mario Kart 8, that sparked my interest. I had a vision in my head and set out to make it happen.”

Mario Kart Nursery

While the tangible display of Swain’s work speaks for itself, it’s interesting to note that this candidate for dad of the year was once employed by Epic Games and even worked on Gears of War 3. Now Swain is turning his passion for the industry into something that his whole family can enjoy, along with the hordes of Nintendo fans that are sure to be taken aback by his dedication and talent.

Speaking with the Swain, he confirmed future plans to craft some Super Mario-themed furniture in the near future, which could hold some very interesting results. The possibility of opening up to his future creations for public sale is also something that’s crossed his mind, but for now the creator will keep his craft dedicated to his children.

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Source: Geeksmithing