‘Mario Kart: Fury Road’ Mashup is a Match Made in Racing Heaven

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The Mad Max franchise may not have a video game tie-in out early this summer, but the long-awaited fourth installment in the frenetic action series of films has an early lead for best summer movie. Mad Max: Fury Road has received nearly universal critical acclaim and the movie chalked up over 44 million dollars in its opening weekend, which is incredibly impressive for a movie with a hard R rating.

Two weeks after its release, the internet still can’t stop obsessing over Max, Furiosa, and everything else Fury Road related. Recently a slew of videos about the flick have been popping up, and this week another skillful editor has added a touch of everyone’s favorite Nintendo racer series to the movie’s insane action sequences.

Considering the bizarre creations writer/director George Miller already has in place in the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Mad Max (like a guitar flamethrower, for example), the addition of things like rogue turtle shells, terrifying bowser laughter, and lightning bolt weapons kind of feel right at home.

Mario Kart Fury Road

The Mario Kart: Fury Road trailer recasts Max as Mario, Furiosa as Princess Peach, Immortan Joe as Bowser, and Nux as Koopa Troopa. The visual effects of the trailer are fantastic, but it’s real strength is also in how well the sound based jokes land. A well-placed moment of Mario screaming leads to one of the trailers best laughs and the random item lottery sound effect during the massive lightning storm is also fantastic.

Gamers will be able to take control of Max in his own game come September 1, but Avalanche Studios’ vision for Mad Max is slightly more out-of-vehicle based than a true vehicular combat game like Nintendo’s Mario Kart. There will definitely be a lot of driving and Road Warrior-ing in Mad Max, but the upcoming game looks more open world like Grand Theft Auto with the addition of the Batman: Arkham combat system. The trailer makes plenty of nods to the original films, so it definitely has potential to entertain longtime fans of the world.

What did you think of Mario Kart: Fury Road? Do you think the Mad Max game arriving in September can live up to the hype that the current film has earned? Let us know in the comments.

Mad Max will be available on September 1st for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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