Which Mario Kart Character Should You Pick Based On Your Hogwarts House?

Mario Kart is an excellent game to play with friends but for newcomers, the choice of what character to pick can be overwhelming. With all of the options of Mario and friends (plus a few other Nintendo characters), it can be hard to figure out the best way to decide.

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But like most important decisions in life, you can use Harry Potter to choose instead of other, less serious methods.  Using your Hogwarts house to make life choices is the only true way to decide things, so why not use it to decide what Mario Kart character to use.

10 Luigi: Slytherin

Luigi might have a split personality disorder. Normally, Luigi is very easily a Hufflepuff but in Mario Kart, darkness and competitiveness absorb Luigi, fully turning him into a Slytherin. He is determined to win races no matter the cost and takes a certain pride in taking down his enemies with red shells. This falls in line with the somewhat aggressive and sheer determination, regardless of consequences that marks a true Slytherin. Make no mistake, like many Slytherin Luigi isn't evil, he just has a dark streak.

9 Isabelle: Hufflepuff

The mayor's assistant from Animal Crossing: New Leaf made her way to the race track and brings her loveable attitude with her. Isabelle cares deeply for others, always trying to make their lives better and she is willing to do whatever is necessary to make them happy, even at personal cost. All these traits put Isabelle squarely in Hufflepuff, who are known for their passion for others. Isabelle doesn't contain the traits of the other houses in any prominent way, so there isn't much of an argument for anything else.

8 Mario: Gryffindor

This probably the most "duh" character on this list but Mario is Gryffindor, no question. Mario is courageous and prideful. He consistently puts himself into danger to save Princess Peach and the rest of the Mushroom Kingdom without any hesitation.

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He also typically isn't arrogant about it and doesn't expect a reward. Mario also puts differences aside to invite his friends and enemies to parties and go-karts not holding any ill-will. Mario embodies the traits of Gryffindor.

7 Shy Guy: Ravenclaw

Shy Guy is a quiet guy, as his name suggests. Shy Guy is probably quiet not only out of shyness but also because he knows something everyone else in the room doesn't know. Shy Guy is incredibly smart and a creative type, which can sometimes go along with the shyness. But more importantly, he always seems to be one step ahead of everyone else and he is impossible to read with the mask covering his face. This mysterious force makes an excellent choice for the witty members of Ravenclaw

6 King Boo: Slytherin

King Boo is a menace, no question about it. He enjoys tormenting people (mostly Luigi) simply for his own amusement. Not only does he torment people, but he also shoves them into paintings to collect them. King Boo is one of the truly evil Slytherins, a character that the darkest of wizards can really feel at home playing. When he isn't chasing Luigi through a haunted mansion or hotel, he is racing around the track, using his large figure to knock other competitors out of his way. King Boo achieves his goals no matter the damage it does to others and he is always confident and prideful in his actions.

5 Toad: Hufflepuff

You spend enough time with Toad and you start feeling sorry for the little fungus. Toad spends the majority of his time getting ordered (abused) by Princess Peach and Mario, all while doing it with a smile on his face. Toad genuinely enjoys helping others, even allowing himself to be clearly taken advantage of by the reigning princess.

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This makes poor Toad a Hufflepuff for his deep love of others. Without any real skills of his own (unlike that Captain Toad) his life of servitude will just continue. It's not all bad though, sometimes he gets to drive go-karts.

4 Link: Gryffindor

It goes without saying that the hero of Hyrule is a Gryffindor. Link never hesitates to save the day, like in Breath of the Wild when he wakes up from a 100-year coma with fuzzy memories and still just gets right to saving the day. Link never expects much of a reward, although he does loot as many rupees as he can but most Nintendo protagonists are money-hungry. Link also doesn't always get the girl the way Mario does and he never really bats an eye. Link doesn't struggle with the dark side, he's too busy getting stuff done.

3 Rosalina: Ravenclaw

The protector of the cosmos and adopted mother to the Lumas, Rosalina is a Ravenclaw through and through. Although a reserved person, commanding the Comet Observatory in Mario Galaxy is no easy task and takes not only a strong person but an intelligent one. Rosalina's story began when she found an abandoned Luma in a rusted-out spaceship. She helped repair the ship to be searching for the Luma's mother. Everything Rosalina has she worked for and obtained, nothing ever given to her.

2 Dry Bowser: Slytherin

If Bowser is evil, it only makes sense that his undead skeleton is even more evil, because undead beings are typically evil. It only makes sense that a Slytherin would want to pick a character that is not only villainous but also a powerful being.

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Plus Dry Bowser is technically immortal, which is what Voldemort was striving for. Just remember, not every Slytherin is evil, just a good portion of them. So pick this brute of a turtle skeleton.

1 Yoshi: Gryffindor

Just like Toad, Yoshi deserves better treatment from Mario and company. Unlike Toad, Yoshi has been the hero of his story numerous times from Yoshi's Island to Yoshi's Crafted World. Despite spending time in some of Mario's games being a glorified horse for the stocky plumber, Yoshi has all the makings of a hero and steps up to the plate when given the opportunity. All of these attributes make him a Gryffindor, even if he spends a bunch of time being a sidekick, just like Ron Weasley.

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