Mario Kart 8's B Dasher Gets Its Own Trailer

Mario Kart 8 B-Dasher


For a company that is often seen as out of touch when it comes to the modern conventions of online gaming, Nintendo sure seems to be nailing one of its first real efforts at DLC. Today, the Big N revealed that one of the karts available in the upcoming November DLC bundle for Mario Kart 8 is the popular "B Dasher" from Mario Kart DS. Watching one of our favorite karts make the leap from Nintendo's handhelds into glorious HD is a sight to behold.

The new kart will release alongside a Blue Falcon kart from F-Zero and two others that have yet to be revealed, in addition eight new tracks. And let's not forget the biggest part of this upcoming add-on: the ability to race as Link, Tanooki Mario or Cat Peach. This first DLC is slated to release this November and will cost $7.99. Moreover, there's another bundle slated for next May that will feature another four karts, another eight tracks and the ability to race as Villager, Isabelle or Dry Bowser.

Those who want to secure their DLC early can buy pre-order both packs right now for $11.99. Buying both packs either through the bundle or individually will also unlock eight bonus colors for Shy Guy and Yoshi, which are available immediately.

Mario Kart 8 B-Dasher

Ever since the Mario Kart 8 DLC was first revealed , some gamers have been surprised to see Nintendo finally getting with the times, while at the same time brainstorming possibilities for the future. Not to mention the fact that Nintendo has secured partnerships with Mercedes-Benz to create some memorable DLC karts.

But it's important to keep in mind that this is still the same company that requires friend codes and still maintains an archaic system for transferring downloadable software from one console or handheld to another. While the thought of Nintendo being open to DLC is exciting, it also is just one more reason for us to worry. What happens if someone's Wii U is stolen or otherwise inoperable and therefore not available for a system to system transfer when you finally get a replacement?  If this new DLC takes off and leads to Nintendo implementing the sale of add-on content in a wide variety of games, the need for an account ID that keeps track of and lets players re-download their purchases onto a new system with no fuss will become even more important.

Mario Kart 8 has already sold more than a million copies in the United States and will likely continue to sell well as the Wii U sees the release of other system sellers like Smash Bros. later this year.

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