'Mario Kart 8' Speeding onto Wii U Worldwide in May

Mario Kart 8 Release May

It's no secret that Nintendo currently finds itself in a pickle with its latest home console. The console in question, the Wii U, has sold so poorly that the Big N was forced to drop sales forecasts by a stunning 69%, which means that a reversal of fortunes is needed as soon as possible. While it's looking grim for Ninty at this moment in time, there is hope for the struggling platform, and it comes in the form of big-name, Triple-A, exclusive software — i.e. Mario Kart 8.

During Nintendo's third quarter financial results briefing, the company enlightened investors on the current game plan for the Wii U and announced a release month for Mario Kart 8 in the process. Previously listed as having a Spring 2014 launch, the next iteration of the Mario Kart franchise will now officially be racing onto store shelves and the Nintendo eShop worldwide later this May.

The next anticipated installment in Nintendo's incredibly popular kart racing franchise has been long overdue for those who've invested in the Nintendo Wii U, and it's safe to say that its arrival can only mean good things for the struggling platform. What's interesting to note about this announcement is that the translated slides from the financial briefing claim that Nintendo is lining up Mario Kart 8 to more or less kick off a string of game releases.

"We will announce the specific release dates of each software title and the release of new titles in other opportunities such as Nintendo Direct, but today we would like to announce that a key title for Wii U this year, “Mario Kart 8,” is scheduled to be released globally in May. To create huge momentum, we would like to ensure that the release of titles such as “Mario Kart 8” is not a one-off event."

Taking into consideration that games like Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Bayonetta 2, Hyrule Warriors, Yarn Yoshi, and Monolith Soft's X are all scheduled to launch this year, and that quote seems to make a lot of sense. What looks less appealing however, is the current two (possibly three) month software gap between Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze's release in February and Mario Kart 8's launch in May.

It's possible that the future Nintendo Direct that Ninty confirmed in its quote to stockholders could remedy the predicament by revealing the release of a new or previously mentioned title, but as it stands fans will still have quite a wait before they can finally get their hands on the games they love.

Do you think May is too long to wait, Ranters? Will Mario Kart 8 make you buy a Wii U?


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Source: Nintendo

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