'Mario Kart 7' TV Commercial

Mario Kart 7 TV Commercial

Just one day after Nintendo revealed the full track list for Mario Kart 7, the game's first television commercial has been released to the internet. Combining live actors, in-game footage, and special effects in a way that is sure to delight fans, the commercial puts players on the track like never before.

For all the players who have ever wondered what Mario Kart would look like in real life, Nintendo has provided the answer. Watch players decked out like Mario, Peach, and Bowser navigate a tree lined track in the Mushroom Kingdom, complete with under-water and gliding segments. If this doesn't get players pumped up for the December 4 release of Mario Kart 7, nothing will

Check out the Mario Kart 7 television commercial below.


With new features like a first-person mode and gyroscopic control, Mario Kart 7 promises to be the most unique entry the series has ever seen, eclipsing even the character switching gameplay of the under-rated Mario Kart: Double Dash. The availability of a racing wheel for the new game might just convince Mario Kart Wii's nearly 30 million players to give the 3DS version a try. Brand new racers and a number of customization features round out the package.

Retro Studios, best known for the Metroid Prime games and last year's challenging Donkey Kong Country Returns, has a reputation for developing some of the best looking games on Nintendo hardware. Mario Kart 7's smooth framerate and detailed landscapes suggest that the studio has worked its magic once again.

Still, as good as Mario Kart 7 looks in screenshots and trailers, today's commercial might leave players wanting something just a little more... modern looking. Mario Kart's producer has already spoken about a Wii U installment of the game -- imagine if it used a visual style similar to the TV spot!

Ranters, what do you think of the Mario Kart 7 television commercial? Are you looking forward to the game?

Mario Kart 7 releases December 4, 2011, exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS.


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