Has your 3DS started to accumulate a bit of dust after finishing Star Fox 64 3D? Yeah, our’s have too. Fortunately, Nintendo is racing to get a couple of big games into the hands of deprived¬†Mario enthusiasts before the end of the year, and it all begins with Super Mario 3D World.

After Mario’s latest three-dimensional romp has been completed, Mario Kart 7 will be dashing onto the Nintendo 3DS. As if people weren’t already looking forward to the holidays, Nintendo has released a batch of brand new screens to keep its loyal followers entertained.

The screenshots in question show off some of the new power-ups and weapons that will be debuting in Mario Kart 7. It would seem that Shy Guy may have finally snaked his way into the main roster of kart racing aficionados, after being a place holder for friends who were using the DS Download feature in Mario Kart DS. Joining Shy Guy is none other than the infamous Metal Mario who made his debut in Super Mario 64, and became a separate entity thanks in part to the Super Smash Bros. series.

The most obvious new armament available to Mario and his friends is the infamous leaf from Super Mario Bros. 3. The power-up is making its return in Super Mario Land 3D, so it’s not at all surprising to see the beloved item appear in Mario Kart 7 for a little bit of cross-promotion. The new weapon adds a raccoon tail to the kart, which then can be used to presumably bludgeon enemy players who enter your personal space.

Mario Karty 7… err, Mario Kart 7 is one of the most anticipated portable games releasing this year, and judging solely on the screenshots, it will definitely be a must-own for 3DS owners this Holiday season.

Prepare to start your engines, because Mario Kart 7 will be arriving December 4th, only on the Nintendo 3DS.