World Cup Star Replaces FIFA Player’s Broken Controller

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There’s no doubt gamers get passionate about the games they play, sometimes to the point of “rage quitting” or threatening other players. However, for most gamers, that rage ends with leaving a multiplayer match or yelling obscenities at a game or opponent.

Then there are people like Mario Thissen, a gamer who raged so bad he broke his PlayStation 3 controller, then had the nerve to blame not the game, but the actual soccer player that Thissen was using. Here’s what happened: Thissen was playing a FIFA game, when the in-game player he was using, soccer star Mario Götze, missed a game-winning penalty kick, causing Thissen to lose the game. Thissen was so upset that he smashed his controller, rendering it useless.

After breaking his controller, Thissen messaged Götze on Facebook, telling the Bayern Munich player that he owed Thissen a new controller for the mishap. Surprisingly, Götze actually replied, apologizing to Thissen for the situation and asking the gamer to PM him so he could send a new DualShock controller.

That’s right, because his digital alter-ego missed a goal – a miss that was obviously Thissen’s fault and had nothing to do with Götze’s own World Cup-class abilities – the footballer offered to make up for it by purchasing a new controller for the perturbed gamer.

Hallo Mario, in der 90. Minuten einen Elfer zu verschießen, das ist mehr als bitter. Da ist man auf jeden Fall sehr...Posted by Mario Götze on Friday, June 26, 2015

Götze didn’t comment on why he decided to replace the controller, but it’s likely the soccer star didn’t consider the repercussions that are sure to result from his decision. Thanks to that simple act, Götze and likely every other soccer star will surely be receiving a large influx of messages from frustrated gamers who, in a fit of rage, smashed a controller (or game or system) and blame it on the soccer player whose character the gamer was using.

And thanks to Götze’s enabling actions, it’s possible some of these other players will decide to take advantage of the free publicity and will, in fact, replace broken controllers. This is potentially a slippery-slope activity, as it will surely affect gamers and celebrities beyond just the soccer pitch.

It’ll be interesting to see if this simple act snowballs into hundreds of annoying messages for fellow soccer players and celebrities, or if gamers recognize it’s likely a one-time thing and it’s best to move on.

What do you think about Götze’s decision to replace Thissen’s PlayStation 3 controller? Will that act have repercussions for other celebrities and sports stars, or will gamers move on? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Facebook