'Super Mario 3DS' Combines 'Galaxy' & 'Mario 64'; Playable at E3

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Shigeru Miyamoto revealed some pretty big and exciting Super Mario 3DS news while in London. Miyamoto described the game as a cross between Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario 64. He also said the game would be playable at E3.

If that wasn't enough he also confirmed the game would in fact be out this year.

Miyamoto also took the opportunity to talk-up some of strengths only the 3DS could provide, like how it is easier to determine floors floating in 3D space versus 2D space. He said the game would be completely original and told fans that the tail in the game's logo is what everyone thinks.

Getting some hands-on time with Super Mario 3DS at E3 sounds pretty good, having the game come out this year sounds even better. The 3DS certainly showed well at last year's E3 and got people pretty excited for what the system could do. While many gamers might be happy with their launch 3DS, a lot of gamers are still waiting for that must-have title to come out. Sure, there is Zelda and Starfox, and the return of Kid Icarus might be a little exciting too - but nothing is quite like an all-new Mario.

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This game seems like it could be the perfect Mario game, taking elements of Galaxy and Mario 64, while also bringing the Tanooki suit back -- yes, please! The 3DS has also shown its graphical prowess with games like the upcoming Resident Evil: Mercenaries 3D and Metal Gear. There is no reason why Super Mario 3DS won't look practically as good as Galaxy itself when in motion, especially considering the 3DS screen size. Additionally, there is no reason why the game shouldn't control great with the 3DS analog disc. Galaxy didn't rely much on a player-controlled camera, so hopefully the same camera system should be able to make its way to Mario 3DS too.

What is your take? Are you excited about a playable Super Mario 3DS at this year's E3? Do you think the game will really come out this year? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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