YouTuber Marina Joyce Goes Missing, Found After 10 Days

Beauty YouTuber Marina Joyce went missing this week for ten days before police finally found her on Saturday morning. Joyce had been reported missing on August 7th after not having been seen since July 31st.

The concern comes in the wake of some troubling times for YouTubers. Late last month, gaming YouTuber Etika went missing and it was later confirmed that he had committed suicide. On top of that, Joyce has gone through some tough times herself in the past.

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Joyce, who has over 2 million subscribers, has a history of strange behavior on YouTube that has lead fans to concern over her wellbeing in the past. In 2016, her videos began to feature some strange and nervous behavior. This lead fans to speculate about everything from drugs to kidnapping. Some thought a kidnapper had forced her to make the videos against her will.

The strange behavior lead to the #SaveMarinaJoyce hashtag that trended on Twitter for a long time before Joyce finally cleared everything up a year later. She released a video in which she discussed her struggles with depression and spoke about her difficult year.

Since this incident, fans of Joyce continue to have concerns about the YouTuber. On Friday, after they didn’t turn anything up in their search, police in London asked for help from her fans in locating her. This lead to a resurfacing of the three-year-old #SaveMarinaJoy hashtag on Twitter.

Shortly after the hashtag began trending again, Joyce’s boyfriend Brandon Mehmed posted a message on Twitter addressing the issue. He said that Joyce “is safe and well” and that everything “is being dealt with in a professional manner.” The police later confirmed that they had indeed found Marina.

marina joyce goes missing

A lot of streamers and YouTubers, especially women, face difficulty and harassment which can lead to some concerning situations. For example, streamer Alinity recently said someone stalked her after she faced some controversy. This kind of behavior makes any report of a missing YouTube personality an immediate cause for concern, especially someone like Joyce who has a history of reclusive behavior. When the police made the search public, it most likely made Joyce aware of the concern and connected her to authorities to verify her safety.

Marina Joyce has not yet made any public statements of her own about the incident. Her boyfriend posted a second message on Twitter this morning with an update. He says he knew of her safety because he had spoken to her often over the past ten days and that she would upload a video in the next few days with more details.

marina joyce goes missing

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Sources: E! News | CNN World

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