It’s been a tough 2010 for gamers (and American hockey fans) so far. With so many great games releasing left, right and center you better believe you are going to have to pinch some pennies in order to afford that paper bag lunch you bring in to work everyday. So Game Rant, being the kind, caring, compassionate, and modest souls that we are, have compiled a list of games coming out in the current month of March so you can map out your game budget and ensure that your dollar is well spent.

Mega Man 10

System: Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360

Release Dates: March 1st, March 11th, and March 31st

Finally, the long awaited sequel to Mega Man 9 is here! On the very first day of March Wii owners everywhere are now able to rub Mega Man 10 in all of their “graphically superior” friends’ faces!… for a few days anyway. Mega Man 10 features a brand new “easy mode” so that players with less skill can still have fun. The game will also have Proto Man as playable from the get-go, but I’m going to wait until the game releases on Xbox 360… my reason? Achievement whore.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

System: PS3 and Xbox 360

Release Date: March 2nd

The game that EA is trying to build as the Modern Warfare 2 killer releases tomorrow and that means we will then finally be able to gauge just how close it is to Infinity Ward’s 800 pound gorilla. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 picks up where the story was last left leaving our heroes driving off into the sunset with a truck full of gold and an early retirement. Unfortunately over the course of a year the four have been thrown back in the battle. The Russians are trying to move into Alaska and conquer the USA, but it’s up to the core four to prevent them from even thinking about pulling that stuff and a bullet to the dome usually helps. The game also has some pretty fun multiplayer that you can look forward to.

Sonic Classic Collection

System: DS

Release Date: March 2nd

Any Sonic fan is going to be excited for this collection. It takes Sonic 1-3, as well as Sonic and Knuckles and puts them on one convenient cartridge for your gaming pleasure. This is a great way to introduce kids to the greatness that was Sonic, something that we ourselves are hoping to revisit when Sonic 4 releases in the coming months.

Yakuza 3

System: PS3

Release Date: March 9th

Yakuza 3 is actually the fourth game in the Yakuza series. The game has been out for over a year ┬áin Japan and North America is finally getting it now. Come on Sega that’s just laziness. They have removed the Hostess Clubs, which means I can’t get my twinkie on, but the game is still looking to be pretty darn decent and is certainly worth a look.

Final Fantasy XIII

System: PS3 and Xbox 360

Release: March 9th

It’s almost here folks. In about a week we can all sink our teeth into the delicious morsel that is Final Fantasy XIII. The game has been out in Japan for a little while and hasn’t been receiving the stellar reviews that the hype seemed to be indicating, but that isn’t killing the excitement we all have for this title. This is a day one purchase for anyone who is a fan of the Final Fantasy series.

Pokemon Heart Gold & Soul Silver

System: DS

Release Date: March 14th

Pokemon Gold and Silver were the GameBoy classics that released back in 2000, and now they are coming back bigger and better than ever! Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver are taking everything that made the original property great and adding a bunch of stuff! The updated graphics render the all too familiar world of Pokemon in wondrous high quality that looks even better than the recently released Pokemon Platinum. The game allows you to pull a “Yellow Version” and have a Pokemon follow you as you walk around, but the best part of all is the Pokewalker that comes packaged with both versions!

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