Rockstar Games’ stealth survival horror series Manhunt is iconic. 2003’s Manhunt and its 2007 sequel Manhunt 2 are two of the most controversial video games of all time, but they are also beloved by fans who desperately want the developer to make a new one.

Fans who have spent the last decade hoping and crossing their fingers for a new Manhunt game may be in luck. It has come to light that Take-Two Interactive, Rockstar Games’ parent company, has renewed the Manhunt trademark. The history of the Manhunt trademark, which is listed on the United States trademark listing site Justia, reveals that Take-Two registered and renewed the trademark on May 6, 2016. According to the Justia listing, this trademark renewal should last for 10 years.

Apart from a “courtesy reminder” that was sent to Take-Two in 2015, before this, there had been no movement on the trademark for several years. In 2012, it seems that the trademark was registered for an additional 6 years and before that, the last movement on the trademark was in 2009.

Manhunt screenshot

Trademark renewals can often mean that a company is working on a brand new¬†game. For example, just hours before the Shadow of the Colossus PS4 remake was officially announced, it came to light that Sony had recently renewed the Shadow of the Colossus trademark. It’s important for companies to protect their brands before they announce a project and someone tries to profit¬†from their lack of legal protection.

But on the other hand, Take-Two could just be taking the right steps just in case it does decide to develop a new Manhunt game at some point in future. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it is about to announce Manhunt 3 or that a new Manhunt is even being planned right now. After all, Rockstar Games renewed the Agent trademark in 2016, but fans have still yet to hear about the long-awaited title after years of radio silence.

Whether Take-Two and Rockstar are gearing up for a Manhunt comeback or not, it’s understandable why fans are so eager for the franchise to return. The decision to re-release Manhunt on PS4 two years ago only renewed fans’ interest in the series and its violent and unsettling gameplay also found many more new fans. The response to the trademark renewal makes it clear that more people than ever want a new Manhunt game. Hopefully, Take-Two and Rockstar Games are taking note.

Source: Justia (via SomosXbox)