Man of Medan: The 10 Worst Choices You Can Make In The Game

Man Of Medan gives the player a lot of power. You can go for an ending where everyone survives, kill off the characters you're not too fond off or just let everyone die in a true, traditional horror movie fashion. Whatever your flavor of gameplay might be, everything depends on the independent choices you make during your journey.

Some options will have little bearing on the story, but others can come and haunt you easily two chapters after. It's good to be prepared, that whatever choice you make, will have dire consequences. As for the worst choices you could possibly make, we've compiled a handy list of ten of them, so that you can either prepare for them or avoid them at all cost.

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10 Taking The Escape Boat

On the faithful night that the Duke Of Milan is captured by pirates, Conrad devices a plan to try and get out and get help. While it might seem like a good idea for him to get on the escape boat, a few risks present themselves.

First, if you fail the QTE, Conrad might get shot by Olson and die early on. Alternatively, if Conrad escapes now to call for help and his friends manage to find the Distribution Cap, Conrad will return alone to the Ourang Medan and succumb to its madness all by himself. So although he's annoying, keep him close to his friends.

9 Getting The Bends

After Alex and Julia have finished their diving expedition and shared a romantic moment, Julia will notice something odd going on aboard the Duke Of Milan. Worried for her brother, she'll want to rise back up fast to check up on him. Alex, however, tells her to decompress and take her time.

If you choose to not listen to him, and end up drinking beer later, Julia will suffer a terrible death even after making it out alive from the Ourang Medan, by passing away from the bends. It's best to just listen to your boyfriend here, and be patient.

8 Not Getting Fresh Air

In the chapter called Ritual, Fliss will be witnessing some very bizarre things going on inside the Ourang Medan. At this point, she'll be persuaded that some sort of strange ritual is taking place on the ship, but truthfully she's simply hallucinating.

If you don't take Fliss through the door nearby the casket which will give you a hearty jump scare, she won't be able to clear her head from her hallucinations. As a result, she won't recognize Brad later on for who he is, which will potentially kill him.

7 Not Staying Hidden As Brad

When Olson and his goons take over the Duke Of Milan, Brad will be in hiding under one of the beds. If he gets discovered at this stage, he'll join his friend on the Ourang Medan and will be together with the group. This means you won't be able to find the gas mask later, which will greatly help you survive through the toxic fumes of the Manchurian Gold. Ultimately, this can lead to Brad not recognizing one of his friends, which will result in some very unfortunate and untimely deaths.

6 Picking Up Weapons

During the game, you'll have several moments when you're given a chance to pick up a weapon of sorts. While our basic instinct might tell us this is a great idea, especially to defend ourselves against Olson and his crew and whatever lurks on the Ourang Medan, this is actually a terrible thing to do.

If your characters possess a weapon, they will risk using them to kill the so-called monsters that hunt them down the ship. This means you'll be likely to witness some of the members of the group die after a misread situation.

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5 Attacking The Monsters

This ties into picking up weapons to defend yourself. However, any sort of aggressive behavior towards the monsters you'll encounter is generally a terrible choice to make.

Most of the time you can expect to be experiencing some type of twisted hallucination, whether its a satanic ritual, a zombie glamor girl or a two-headed corpse chasing after you. If you trust your first impressions too quickly, it will result in you killing off your friends one by one and ultimately receiving the worst ending.

4 Not Picking Up The Ring

While this won't have fatal consequences for your characters, it will definitely give you a sad, sinking feeling if you don't choose correctly. If Julia and Alex have become engaged at the beginning of the game, her engagement ring will be taken away by Olson and his goons.

Later on, when you discover Danny's body and attempt to evade Olson, you're given a chance to check his body or just go. If you choose to make haste and just leave, you'll lose the chance to recover the ring and give Alex and Julia their happily ever after.

3 Dropping The Rebreather

Not all choices are ones that are easy to make. Sometimes, a QTE needs to be passed for you to succeed. If you fail on purpose, there will be dire consequences, and such is the case with the rebreather.

When Olson is chasing after Julia and Alex, if you fail the QTE heartbeat event, Julia will drop the rebreather in an escape attempt. This means that later on, once you find a crazed, hallucinating Junior, you won't be able to help him calm down and he'll eventually shoot himself.

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2 Destroying The Distributor Cap

The distributor cap becomes very early on your condition for escape. Finding it and bringing it back to the Duke Of Milan is what will save you.

However, it won't be as easy as you imagine, and there tons of ways you can mess up along the way. At the very end, Alex will be the one to extract it off of Olson, after which a QTE chase scene will unfold. If you fail at this point or choose to fail, the distributor cap will risk getting destroyed, which means you won't be making it off of the Ourang Medan, unless Conrad managed to escape early on.

1 Telling The Military

Contacting the military might at first feel like a relief, but tread carefully. If you let them know both your coordinates, as well as the name of the ship, the Ourang Medan, the military will consider you too dangerous to keep alive.

You've basically discovered their stash of super-secret biological weapons, so to them you're better off executed. Alternatively, if you just let them know your coordinates, they'll lock you up in prison afterward to ensure you don't walk out there and spill the secret of what you saw on the vessel.

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