10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do In Man Of Medan

Perfectly ready for Halloween, Man Of Medan is a great game to pick up around this time of the year if you can't resist horror games. Based on the real legend of the Ourang Medan, the story of Man Of Medan transports you to the South Pacific Ocean where five friends are diving and having a good time while searching for the wreckage of an old air plane. However, things take a turn for the worse when their boat crashes into the ghostly wreckage of the Ourang Medan.

Together the friends must find their way off the ship, while being haunted by something truly frightening. Now, if you're ready to embark on your adventure, here are 10 things you may not have known you can do in Man Of Medan. Warning: potential spoilers ahead!

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10 Finish The Game In Just 4 Hours


If you happen to be a fan of Until Dawn, you might find yourself slightly disappointed by the length of this game. At the same time, Man Of Medan is a bit more packed with action than Until Dawn, which does include tons of downtime and slow parts that might take away from the experience a bit.

For those wanting a short but intense experience on a terrifying sea vessel, you'll be glad to find out that Man Of Medan can be finished in just four to five hours, making it easier to pick up as well for replays.

9 Kill Or Save Everyone

Man of Medan Two characters and a pirate

For those unfamiliar with the style and genre of Until Dawn and Man Of Medan, it might seem like an impossible task to try and have everyone spared in the heat of the story.

However, rest assured that there's a way to save everyone's lives no matter what. If you're looking for a more morbid experience, or maybe you just want to see all the different scenes and endings, you can alternatively also kill each of the characters. Developers have stated each character has about 60 different death scenes, which goes to show that this game has a lot of hidden variety to offer.

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8 Call The Military, But At A Cost

It might feel like your only two options to get off the ship are to die or to get back on your own vessel. However, there's a third option which involves you calling the military to your aid.

Should you do this however, know that everything, and every decision you make, will come with a price. The military is actually surprisingly less sympathetic towards the stranded group of friends than you would think, leading to some very unexpected and somewhat interesting ending options you can discover.

7 Survive Thanks To Premonitions

Throughout your journey on the haunted ship, you'll face lots of hardships and tough decisions. Some must be made within a matter of seconds, giving you almost no time to think.

While exploring your surroundings, keep an eye out for paintings that give off a very faint glow in the darkness. These paintings often depict naval themed pictures and will actually show you premonitions. With the help of these paintings you'll know what will happen in a close or distant future and will be better prepared to make the right choice, whatever your goal is.

6 Play Co-Op

the dark pictures review

If you're too scared to embark on the journey on your own, rest assured you can take a friend along with you. Man Of Medan lets you play the story in online co-op mode with one other person, both of you taking on different characters and playing out the different scenes simultaneously.

There have been some reported bugs and obvious clunkiness in the story-telling that takes away from the immersion a tiny bit, but it's still an insanely cool mode that will most likely be perfected and honed as the series progresses.

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5 Self-Sabotage

the dark pictures review

Given that this game is so choice-driven, it's surprisingly easy to set yourself up for failure. Self-sabotage and decisions that are too drastic will quickly result in disaster in Man Of Medan, which means that patience and doubt will take you a long way.

Unless you desperately want the characters to suffer, to avoid self-sabotaging you should always tread cautiously, even when dealing with highly frightening things. Most importantly, avoid staying too impassive during conversations.

4 Load Chapters Instead Of A New Game

There are several endings available in the story, depending on who survives and what happens. Your decisions obviously affect how the story unfolds, every step of the way. This can make it somewhat annoying to constantly start the game over to replay it.

A better thing to do is save at each chapter, and just play chapter by chapter, so that you can make different choices each time and easily reload your game. Moreover, if you dislike a choice you made, you can always go back and reload to try something different.

3 Switch Characters At Any Time

For those who pre-ordered Man Of Medan, The Curator's Cut version will be available. This special mode unlocks a really cool feature in-game that lets you instantly switch between the perspectives of each character to see what they're doing at every given time.

Furthermore, this added perspective can let you unlock new paths in the story and experience it from an even more different angle right off the bat than having to play it through two million times. For those wanting to try this feature, you'll be happy to know it will be available separately later this year for purchase.

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2 Play With Up To 5 Friends

Not only can you play the story in online co-op, but if you have friends over you can experience the game in the form of a movie night in the Movie Night mode. This lets you assign each of the five characters of the game to one of your friends, and as the perspectives change you pass the controller around.

This is a really nice way of experiencing a game in a social environment with friends surrounding you, rather than being afraid and tense all by yourself. Also, it's a great excuse to throw a party or a movie night in this month of October.

1 See The Trailer For The Next Game

Man Of Medan is part of an anthology, which means more games are to come in the series. Each game will feature a different type of horror setting and story, with brand new characters. However, as usual, the gameplay will emphasize exploration, finding clues and making the right decisions while passing quick-time-event checks.

At the end of Man Of Medan, you have a secret clip that shows us a short teaser for the next game in the series, titled Little Hope. It seems like the next installment will yet again feature a forest, and possibly wendigos, but it's difficult to say for certain.

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