Every Character In Man Of Medan, Ranked On Likability

In a game like Man Of Medan, characters really do make the story. How interesting they are and how much we feel for them determines the choices we made and how we end up treating them. What's best, each character has their own unique personality, which will affect the choices you have available in every interaction.

However, characters can evolve over time, and their personalities are fluid. This is what makes the characters in Man Of Medan so cool, and it's why we've chosen to rank all of the characters from the least likable to the most likable.

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10 Olson

If you were surprised to see Olson at the bottom of the list, you really don't understand his character. He's the prime antagonist throughout the story, and is probably the reason why Alex and his friends end up stranded on the Ourang Medan in the first place. Olson is driven by his greed, his absolute ruthlessness and drive to get what he covets the most: Machurian Gold.

He'll stop at nothing to get it. However, once he gets on the ship he's driven completely insane by the toxic chemical fumes and even goes as far as to stab and choke Danny, possibly killing him at the end.

9 Danny

Danny is just one of the two lapdogs working for Olson, a pretty insignificant character in the game and someone expendable. As soon as he gets on the Ourang Medan, he's extremely fearful of his surroundings and highly superstitious. Danny is extremely loyal to Olson and will generally do whatever he tells him to do, making him the ideal accomplice in the hunt for Manchurian Gold.

However, his loyalty ends up getting no repayment, because Olson becomes completely crazed on board the ship. Although we never truly see Danny die, it's assumed in a post-credit scene that he's killed by Olson.

8 Junior

Out of the three pirates that take control of the Duke Of Milan, Junior is probably the most interesting one. Unlike Danny who likes to stand more in the sidelines, Junior seems to enjoy the violent approach much more. He comes across just like Olson at first, highly determined to get what he wants.

However, we see his humanity shine through at the end when Julia gives him the rebreather and he realizes he's been hallucinating. Junior can even be saved at the end if his head was cleared and the group manages to escape on the Duke Of Milan or gets rescued by Conrad.

7 Joe & Charlie

The game first opens up in the past, in the late 1940s, and follows two soldiers who are on their way back home from fighting in World War II. Joe and Charlie are the first characters we are introduced to, and act as the tutorial heroes we take control of. Both of them travel on the Ourang Medan, and hand deal with the mysterious events happening on board.

While their introduction is definitely ominous on the Chinese Market where they receive a disturbing fortune reading, they're pretty forgettable characters after this.

6 The Curator

Man of Medan curator

The Curator is a character that we feel stands kind of in the middle of all this. He's neither extremely likable or highly unlikable. It's unclear what his true motives are, but he seems to get at least partial enjoyment from watching the other characters scramble for survival.

What redeems his ambiguous personality is the fact that he'll often drop hints and tips to the player on how to make sure everyone survives and makes it out alive. He's the ultimate clue provider, but he also comes across strangely jaded.

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5 Conrad

Man of medan sean ashmore conrad

Everyone will both hate and love Conrad and his personality. He's one of those annoying rich former frat boys that are used to getting what they want. However, like all characters, he's not paper thin.

When it comes down to it he's surprisingly resourceful and smart. Although he's a ladies' man and tries to desperately pursue Fliss, he actually has a lot of internalized fear and insecurity towards women. Because of this fear, he'll experience a strong hallucination of a zombie sailor woman in the Glamor Girl chapter.

4 Julia

Julia and Conrad are siblings, and while Julia is definitely much more mature than Conrad, she's still a rich girl who loves being in charge of things. Because of her intense personality she almost immediately clashes with Fliss when onboard the Duke Of Milan.

She gets easily excited and enthusiastic about things and will pursue her goals until the end. Julia is currently dating Alex in the story, and their relationship gets tested dearly when the group is captured by pirates and then forced inside the Ourang Medan to survive.

3 Brad

Every group of friends seems to have that one smart, nerdy guy. In this case, it's Brad. He's incredibly smart, but very socially awkward around people, and far too shy to have the same level of banter as Conrad for instance. As the younger brother of Alex, he feels like he has a lot to prove and will try his best to fit in the group.

His wholesome and innocent, albeit quiet personality are what make him very likable and relatable to so many people. Moreover, the story eventually helps him shine and grow stronger as a person.

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2 Fliss

Fliss is the definition of a strong woman. She's the captain of the Duke Of Milan, and the only person who isn't exactly part of the friend group but grows to be a part of it during the story. She's quite uptight and serious and doesn't like others telling her what to do.

However, if given the chance, she can eventually warm up to Conrad and begin a relationship with him. What's interesting to note is that Fliss is highly superstitious like Danny, and her hallucinations will greatly reflect her fears, as she imagines a satanic ritual on board the Ourang Medan.

1 Alex

Alex is easily the main hero of the story. While he lacks the over the top confidence that Conrad has, he's the silent, strong type and extremely caring. He wants to see his group make it out alive together, and worries immensely about Julia and Brad in particular.

Unfortunately, despite a happy relationship with Julia which can end up with them getting engaged and surviving the entire ordeal together, Alex feels insecure about not coming from a rich family like Julia and he worries about being accepted by her family. Despite this, he pushes himself above and beyond and ultimately plays a central role in helping the group escape the Ourang Medan.

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