10 Co-Op Games To Play If You Loved Man Of Medan

You've just finished Man Of Medan and enjoyed playing with a friend, but have nothing to do afterward. Most horror games don't actually support multiplayer or co-op modes, because playing alone is simply part of the experience. With friends, it's always easier to laugh scary scenes off, but we won't judge you if you need the comfort of a friend on this year's Halloween.

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Luckily, there are a few horror-themed games out there that let you team up with your friend against the forces of evil, whether they are undead or something even more terrifying. Let's take a look at ten games you should give a try if you enjoyed Man Of Medan's co-op mode.

10 System Shock 2

If you and your friend are big fans of nostalgia-inducing games and don't mind taking a trip down memory lane, why not load up System Shock 2? This game is a must for any lovers of survival horror, as it was one of the first of its kind. After you wake up from your cryosleep earlier than planned inside your space vessel, you find out something has gone terribly wrong with the ship's artificial intelligence. Moreover, the rest of the crew seems infected by something sinister, which you need to get to the bottom of. Thanks to a patch the developers added after release, the game can be played with a friend.

9 Dead By Daylight

Any fans of classic horror movies and villains will absolutely fall in love with the thrill that Dead By Daylight provides. In a multiplayer game, four survivors attempt to evade a single player who acts as one of many famous killers, which are often inspired by real movies and other popular culture sources.

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If you get bored of just running away constantly, you can also try being the monster yourself and chase after your unsuspecting friends. Guaranteed to provide both screams and laughs, this is a great game to play with a friend.

8 Left 4 Dead 2

In case you've ever wondered what it would feel like to get stuck in the middle of a full-blown zombie apocalypse with your friends, Left 4 Dead 2 has the answer for you. Each of your friends can pick a role and embark on a bloody survival journey through across southern United States. With a wide variety of weapons and locations at your disposal, you'll be taking down hordes of zombies. While this is definitely more of an FPS experience, if you find zombies terrifying it can still put you into that Halloween mood.

7 Killing Floor 2

For an even bloodier experience from an FPS point of view, joined by your friends, Killing Floor 2 is right up your alley. Less focused on sheer survival and simply centered around shooting down Zeds, which are a type of creepy zombie-like creatures, you once more have an arsenal of weapons and other gear at your disposal. After fighting down waves of monsters, you can purchase new gear to prepare for the next round. This is a great game to relax to after a more helpless survival horror experience, but will still give you the creeps.

6 7 Days To Die

What we if told you there was a game out there that combined elements from Minecraft and post-apocalyptic zombie games? 7 Days To Die is an open-world game in which the simple goal is to survive and kill your enemies.

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There are other things to consider as well, namely gathering crafting items to upgrade your weapons and also in order to construct yourself a shelter that can last through the apocalypse. While without a story and somewhat clunky in terms of graphics, it's a highly enjoyable experience if you have a friend to survive in the wilderness with.

5 Dead Space 3

Although Dead Space 3 became known as the game where the entire series went to die, it's one of the few decent horror co-op games out there. With your friend you'll take on the roles of Isaac and John as you head to the remote planet of Tau Volantis. Your mission is to simply find a way and put an end to the Necromorphs, as well as find Ellie. Dead Space 3 might not do the best justice to its predecessors, but for everything it provides from Kinect voice commands to an engaging story, it's definitely a good pick for a Halloween co-op session.

4 Dying Light

For a traditional zombie game, Dying Light goes above and beyond with quality. From incredible graphics to super engaging gameplay that includes high speed parkour and slashing zombies open in slow motion, this game is highly rewarding once you get on the grind. It's even better when experienced with a friend, as you're dropped into a city overrun by the undead. With a large open-world and a dynamic day and night cycle that plunges you into the occasional total darkness, you'll feel both powerful, challenged, but also frightened.

3 The Forest

As a result of a plane crash that results in your son getting kidnapped, you and your friend will be forced to face the wilderness of The Forest. While this game might look unsurprising on the outside, its story is a truly harrowing one. While you're quest centers around finding your son you'll also be building yourself a shelter, while dealing with the local native tribes.

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These tribes will all react differently to your presence, and with incredible AI design, they show off behavior starkly different from any other enemies in other games. If you and your friend love something different and unique, and are demanding in terms of story and nuance, but still love action, this is the pick for you.

2 Cry Of Fear

Despite being extremely old, Cry Of Fear is one of the best things to have come out of a Half-Life mod. The single player story mode aside, the co-op mode brings you and your friends into a horrible atmosphere amid a seemingly quiet and idyllic neighborhood. As police officers you fight off the strange, terrifying creatures that lurk in almost complete darkness while trying to use your resources sparingly. What makes Cry Of Fear so good is its uniqueness, and the creative designs the enemies have in terms of movement and appearance.

1 Resident Evil 5

One of the most engaging co-op experience is undoubtedly Resident Evil 5. You and your partner head over to South Africa, where an all too familiar enemy resides. The real kicker though is the combat system, which is highly dynamic. Not only will you be shooting side by side with your friend, you can jump in and help your friend when they get grabbed by a zombie for instance. Moreover, you can execute nifty combat combos to more efficiently take down enemies. While more of a shooter than a horror game, it's a great way to end the night after scaring yourself lifeless.

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