A Brazilian electrician is in for a shock of a different kind as he opens a busted PlayStation 4 only to find the root cause of problems was a wayward snake.

Usually, PlayStation 4 fans refer to Snake as the lead character in Metal Gear Solid, and not something that fries up their circuit boards. However, a Brazilian electrician proved that the latter is certainly something that can happen, as he found the fried remains of a predatory snake during what had appeared to be a routine PS4 repair.

The electrician had turned the PlayStation 4 on, but the unit shut itself off moments later, releasing a ‘strong’ smell. Usually, electronic devices only emit a burning smell when something goes awry, so if the smell that a device relinquishes is some other smell, things are likely about to go from bad to worse. As the electrician opened the unit to take a look at what he likely presumed was just a fried circuit board, he discovered the remains of an entire snake, which simultaneously explains why the PS4 died and likely caused the electrician to put ‘new pants’ on his weekly shopping list.

Here’s a video of the discover below, which we can only hope is the strangest thing the electrician has seen all year:

Rodents getting into electronic devices is nothing new, especially in warmer climates where lizards, snakes, and all manner of slithery mammals are like to come crawling (or wriggling, in this case). It’s a smaller mercy the snake met its demise from the electric shock of the PS4 being turned on, because otherwise we have to imagine the snake wouldn’t have been too happy to get a jolt and then have its hiding place discovered by the electrician.

On the plus side, this may make it a great time for the Brazilian gamer to purchase one of the long-rumored PlayStation 4.5 units, which now seem to have a release window that puts their release into the first half of this fiscal year. The improved PS4, which is referred to as the Neo 4K, features many hardware improvements over the traditional PS4 console, and is most likely intended as a companion piece for the hardware-demanding PlayStation VR. We expect the Neo 4K model of the PlayStation 4 to be fully revealed at E3 2016, which is now less than three weeks away.

You never know, they might be more rodent-proof, too.

What do you think about the electrician’s grisly discovery, gamers? Is it something that ever crosses your mind?

Source: GameSpot

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