Pokemon has been an immensely successful franchise for Nintendo and the recent release of Pokemon Black and White has only reconfirmed that the Pokemon series isn’t just a fad. While many gamers are more than satisifed with the latest batch of handheld Pokemon games, many all still left wondering how much fun a home console version of the beloved franchise would be.

We’ve been hoping that Nintendo and Game Freak would make a console version of the main Pokemon series installments at some point, and while there have been games like Pokemon Stadium and Pokemon Coliseum, neither of those titles (or their sequels) were comparable to the main games on the Nintendo handhelds. However, it seems that a real Pokemon game on a Nintendo home console just isn’t meant to be if a recent statement made during an interview with a few Game Freak employees is any indication.

The UK’s Official Nintendo Magazine are the fine fellows who conducted the interview in question, and recently had the honor of interviewing the likes of Game Freak Directors Ken Sugimori and Junichi Masuda. During the interview, the duo were asked all kinds of questions, but when the possibility of a “main” Pokemon game on a home console was brought up, neither of them seemed too keen on the idea.

Sugimori stated, “I am interested in strong visual effects. However, I believe that Pokémon is most appropriate for portable consoles.”

Masuda then chimed in, “ I’m really not thinking about having the main Pokémon games on the Wii, because using portable consoles means you can always carry Pokémon around with you and you can play with other players, so that’s the future I’d like to emphasize.”

A Pokemon adventure game on a home console seems like it would be a good idea, and it’s certainly a little puzzling that Game Freak wouldn’t pursue that option. Game Freak could just feel that way about Nintendo’s current home console the Wii though, and their attitude could very well change once Project Cafe comes onto the scene.

It’ll be a little while longer before we finally get that Pokemon MMO that so many have been longing for for years, but at least there is the rumored remake of Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness to potentially look forward to. In the meantime, Pokemon will have to stay on handhelds, and that makes sense — they aren’t called Pocket Monsters for nothing.

Would you want to play a Pokemon game on your home console?

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Source: Official Nintendo Magazine