Magikarp Jump Mobile Game is Available Now for Pokemon Fans

Pokemon Magikarp Jump mobile game worldwide release

New Pokemon mobile game Magikarp Jump releases worldwide on iOS and Android. Magikarp Jump had a soft launch in Italy on iOS last week, with fans eager to put together strong rosters of the famous splashing character.

As the official description points out, Magikarp is "the weakest Pokemon ever" and is known for being "pathetically weak, unreliable and generally useless." All it can do is "flop around and splash." While this seems a bit harsh, Magikarp's weakness is what makes the character so endearing and it's why so many Pokemon fans will surely take interest in Magikarp Jump now that the mobile game is available across the globe for iOS and Android users.

The game is free to play and lets players use their spare time to "create the most majestic Magikarp ever." The Pokemon Company, which made the game, promises "simple controls." Magikarp Jump players tap food on-screen to feed their characters and complete training to raise their 'Jump Power.'

Players can also "fish up all kinds of Magikarp with unusual patterns like calico and polka dots," befriend popular Pokemon like Pikachu and Piplup, and "spruce" up their ponds to make the "pond of your dreams." Though fans should be warned that their Magikarp can be eaten by bird Pokemon Pidgeotto so it's not all smooth sailing (or plain-fishing) on the path to catching 'em all.

Magikarp Jump also features an in-game store where players can pay real money for Diamonds and Exchange Tickets, which can be spent on cosmetic items or to speed up Magikarp training. However, The Pokemon Company has put some limits in place. Players cannot purchase more than 5,000 Diamonds total while playing the game, which is good news for parents worried that their children will spend massive amounts on the game, like this FIFA-playing youngster.

It's unclear whether that microtransaction limit will impact the game's success and whether Magikarp Jump can rake in as much money as Pokemon GO, which has made over $1 billion. So far, though, fans seem to be delighted that such a weak and 'useless' Pokemon has got its own game and have already begun to share silly stories and photos of their rare catches across social media.

Magikarp Jump is available now for iOS and Android.

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