Magikarp Jump: How to Evolve into a Gyarados

Magikarp Jump Gyarados evolve

Magikarp Jump players are able to evolve their Magikarp into Gyarados, it seems. The mobile game was released last week on iOS and Android and tasks players with collecting and training the famous splashing Pokemon.

For those unaware, Magikarp Jump is all about the iconic, useless fish Pokemon. However, its evolution, Gyarados, can also make an appearance in the game.

Preparing Magikarp for Evolution

Players of the new mobile game can make their Magikarp evolve by tapping it a lot as it swims around in its pond. After tapping it enough, the game will eventually give players a message that the Magikarp's Everstone has broken.

Raise Magikarp's Level

The next step is to raise the Magikarp to level 20, which can be done by continuing to feed it and making it complete training exercises. Players can also gain a bit of JP (Jump Power, which gets a Magikarp to level up) for their character by going through certain random encounters which are usually triggered after league matches and training exercises. As the Everstone (which stops Pokemon from evolving) has bust, Magikarp will then evolve into Gyarados.

Pokemon Magikarp Jump mobile game worldwide release

Triggering the Gyarados evolution completes a Magikarp Jump quest and provides player with 10 diamonds, the premium currency that can be earned in small increments through completing challenges or purchased with real money. However, it should be stressed that the Gyarados itself isn't actually very useful. It cannot be entered into league matches and must be retired immediately once it has evolved into the character and players must then fish for another Magikarp and go on to train that.

Getting to level 20 can take a lot of time and effort in the early stages of the game and it's advised that players don't attempt the event until they've had the chance to level up the food items and training courses a bit more. It's also advised that players don't turn a special Magikarp (one with a particularly useful individuality trait) otherwise they will lose it before it has reached its full potential.

pokemon magikarp gyrados

Fans just can't get enough, and are eager to collect all kinds of Magikarp in all of its forms – from the different styles, patterns, and colors to its evolution. The Pokemon Company has yet to reveal how much its new game has made a week on from release, but it seems as though it has been a huge success so far.

Magikarp Jump is available on iOS and Android.

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