Magicka PvP Mode Out Now

While so many games on the market take themselves too seriously, it’s refreshing to see game’s like Magicka. Not only does it have strong, innovative gameplay that allows it to stand out, but it’s also filled with some of the strongest satire we’ve seen in recent years. On top of this satire, the game also manages to generate comedy on a completely different level since friendly-fire is a common occurrence in the game’s co-op mode. Now, gamers will be able to enter into a new mode made for this exact reason.

Available now for download is Magicka‘s free PvP mode. If your shenanigans in the game’s co-op didn’t already drive a wedge into all of your friendships, gamers are now able to duke it out with up to three other wizards in order to exact the ultimate revenge. Your friend won’t be showing any mercy after you blew them off a cliff just before they completed a level, so why should you?

Included for free in the update are two maps – Havindir Arena and Training Ground – as well as what has been dubbed the Reservoir wizard robe.

If the update’s launch trailer is any indication, fans can expect the game’s world to get even more odd as a hint of Quentin Tarantino’s signature style is added. Check it out below:


It’s clear that the folks at Paradox Interactive and Arrowhead Game Studios truly love their jobs. Not only do they continue to provide new and entertaining ways to enjoy their game, but their trailers are some of the most purely entertaining in the gaming industry, showcasing the game’s offbeat humor. Blending the Quentin Tarantino classic Reservoir Dogs with the wizards of Magicka may seem strange on paper, but in action, it really manages to give an idea of just how hectic and ‘out-there’ the game can be.

If Game Rant’s hands-on impressions of the new PvP mode from E3 as well as its nomination for Best Indie Game are any indication, there is a lot to love in this new update. Alongside the standard Deathmatch and Brawl modes which utilize a time limit and a set number of lives respectively, there is also the Krietor mode which pits wizards against one another in round-based combat. The catch though, is that different Magicks become available as the matches proceed, so gamers will be forced to think on their toes, utilizing whatever spells they have access to.

Alongside this free update, three maps are being released as DLC for those wishing to expand on the PvP mode even more. Priced at 99 cents each, the three maps are Vulcaus Arena, Frozen Lake and Watch Tower. For those that are not interested in purchasing these, you will still be able to battle on them provided the host of the match has purchased them.

Magicka PvP Mode Out Now

This is a technique that few games have grabbed hold of so far. While it may initially seem to hinder sales, allowing players to play on the maps before buying them may actually provide an incentive to make the purchase themselves. It’s a move that gamers will no doubt appreciate, ensuring that the DLC isn’t as exclusive as that of games like Call Of Duty.

For a game that thrives on its multiplayer functionality, it’s great to see Arrowhead continuing to support Magicka with a PvP mode. There’s no doubt that this new mode will add countless more hours to the game for those who have already completed it and it will be interesting to see what new features will be added in the future, especially with a sequel coming someday.

Are you excited to see a PvP mode added to Magicka? What would you like to see added in the sequel?

Magicka is available now for the PC as well as the free update containing its PvP mode.