‘Magicka 2’ Trailer Is Lo-Fi Karaoke Goodness

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The Magicka series has never been subtle about its absurd sense of humor. From the “crash to desktop” spell to the inclusion of a character named ‘Vlad’ who is most definitely not a vampire, the game wears its ridiculousness on its sleeve. With a sequel on its way in the form of Magicka 2, it was only logical that the folks at Paradox Interactive would have some new trailers to bestow on the magick-less masses.

Much the same as the over-the-top trailer that accompanied Paradox’s introduction of Magicka‘s free PvP mode, the latest trailer for Magicka 2 brings back everyone’s favorite live-action, dancing wizards for a round of karaoke. Performed by series regular Vlad, the trailer takes players on a lo-fi singalong tour of some of the new features that will be gracing Pieces Interactive’s take on the action-packed series’ second iteration.

Fans of the first game will no doubt notice the playful jabs at its oft-criticized optimization issues and initial lack of content (despite its tight and entertaining spell-crafting gameplay, many players simply were not able to play the game due to hardware and netcode-based problems). As would be expected, these issues sound like they have been rectified for players’ journey to Midgård. What’s more though, is that the game will be taking an even larger step in its bid to reach a larger audience.

Magicka 2 Karaoke Trailer

While the first game made its home on the PC, Magicka 2 will be doing fans one better and also making the jump to consoles with a PS4 version of the game. This means that the game’s patented spell-crafting system will likely be receiving some tweaks so that players who opt to use a gamepad will have an equally engaging experience. Being a game that almost screams to be played with friends, controller support will make it easier than ever to work together with (read: destroy) your friends.

In addition to these additions, Magicka 2 will also see the inclusion of new items called artifacts. These items are still shrouded in mystery but promise to change the game in significant ways. As fans of the series will know, this could mean anything, given that the game has seen itself entering into the Vietnam war and taking on H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythos. From minor cosmetic changes to something completely game-breaking, nothing seems off limits for Magicka.

Considering the mention of the first game’s obvious shortcomings, one can hope that Magicka 2 ends up being the sequel that fans have been waiting for. The first game was an absolute riot with friends and provided a strong foundation, so as long as Pieces Entertainment can build upon these strengths while heeding its weaknesses, they could easily end up with a multiplayer hit on their hands.

What improvements would you like to see present in Magicka 2? Are you excited to get another taste of Paradox Interactive’s sense of humor?


Magicka 2 currently has no release date, but will be launching on the PS4 and PC.

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