Magic The Gathering: When Will Throne of Eldraine Spoilers Start?

At the end of July, Wizards of the Coast confirmed the next Magic: The Gathering set as Throne of Eldraine, an exciting new set that is inspired by fairy tales and Arthurian legend. Ever since the announcement of this fall 2019 Magic: The Gathering set, fans have been patiently waiting for Throne of Eldraine spoilers to begin. Indeed, there are certain to be many players that are curious about the MTG Throne of Eldraine spoilers start date, and the previous actions of the developer may shine some light on this matter.

Specifically, the spoiler season for Core Set 2020 began four weeks prior to the release of said set. This spoiler schedule was set after some issues surrounding the pre-release of War of the Spark occurred, and a similar schedule was employed with spoilers for Commander 2019. As such, it is reasonable to expect that WotC will follow a similar pattern when it comes to Magic: The Gathering's Throne of Eldraine spoiler season.

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Thus, players should expect the MTG ToE spoiler start date to fall around Monday, September 9. This is four week before the October 4 release of Throne of Eldraine and three weeks before pre-release events begin.

Additionally, it stands to reason that the MTG Throne of Eldraine spoiler season will end one week before pre-release starts. As such, a full Magic: The Gathering Throne of Eldraine visual spoiler is likely to be available by September 20.

mtg throne of eldraine spoilers start date

To note, the MTG ToE spoilers being discussed here are those that will be made officially available by WotC, and the company is likely to offer details on who will have spoilers to show, and when they will do so, at some point next week. Fans that want to follow Magic: The Gathering ToE spoilers as they are released may want to keep tabs on MTG Arena Twitch streamers, as that group of players will certainly have some new cards to share in September.

The release of the Magic: The Gathering fall set is always an exciting time, as it marks the rotation of MTG's Standard format. Indeed, as the MTG ToE visual spoilers are assembled over the upcoming weeks, a great deal of brewing opportunities will present themselves, and this brewing will inform the new metagame that arises from the release of Throne of Eldraine.

The Magic: The Gathering Throne of Eldraine expansion set will release October 4, 2019.

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