Magic the Gathering's Newest Planeswalker for Throne of Eldraine Revealed

magic the gathering throne of eldraine planeswalker oko

The newest planeswalker has been revealed for Magic the Gathering’s newly announced set Throne of Eldraine: Oko the Fey shapeshifter.

As a new expansion to be added to MtG’s Standard format, Throne of Eldraine is a themed set that mixes the romance of Arthurian Camelot and the darkness of Grimm’s Fairy Tales with its own Wizards of the Coast twist. In keeping with all the cautionary tales the Grimms were known for, Oko looks to fit into this world well with deceit, conceit, and an all-around sneaky personality.

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Oko’s story will be detailed in the first ebook Wizards will release for the new set, titled Throne of Eldraine: The Wildered Quest, hopefully around the time players start getting Throne of Eldraine spoilers, but players aren't entirely in the dark. An interview with Nic Kelman, Head of Story and Entertainment has shed light on this enigmatic character and his origin.

magic the gathering throne of eldraine

Like all planeswalkers, Oko began as a talented being. All the well-known planeswalkers ruling the meta in even the best budget decks on MtG: Arena such as Liliana, Jace, and Gideon started in such a way. Already a powerful shapeshifter, Oko originated on a plane where the Fey were deemed as a menace to be suppressed. He took it upon himself to be the mirror for the face of what be believed to be the hypocrisy of the world. Exactly the kind of move a shapeshifting Fey would pull.

Naturally, those in power disagreed. After capturing Oko, they attempted to extinguish his abilities, but their magical procedures, no doubt terrifying and painful, only served to ignite his spark. Now scarred by the experience, Oko travels about playing cruel pranks on anyone and anything he feels is hypocritical, even other planeswalkers.

Not much is known yet about the mechanics Oko will possess, no doubt with a Fey-like flourish, but WoC has a good habit of matching abilities with the lore and feel of the characters it's creating, so it’ll be interesting to see what sort of shapeshifting abilities the card will have to go with that smirking face.

On top of that, the Throne of Eldraine set sounds like a return to what it attempted to do during the Lorwyn block, though that one had fallen just shy of greatness as Wizards of the Coast had stayed too close to the source material instead of making it its own. Of course, some players will defend it to the end, but Wizards of the Coast certainly looks to go the full distance with this new set, creating a fully realized plane with stories of its own. In a plane inspired by Grimms’ Fairy Tales, Oko is set as a strong start. For those playing on Arena, be sure to use every free redeem code available and get ready for when the new set finally releases.

Magic the Gathering: Arena is available now on PC.

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