Magic The Gathering: How Much Will Mystery Boosters Cost?

mtg mystery booster cost

Over the past several days, a myriad of details about Magic: The Gathering's enigmatic new product, Mystery Boosters, have been made available. These details have included an almost-complete Mystery Booster card list as well as information on the specific composition of these special booster packs, and fans now have a relatively clear picture of exactly what this unique product is. That said, one important piece of information about Magic: The Gathering Mystery Boosters still remains a secret: their price.

Indeed, retailers have yet to share how much MTG Mystery Boosters cost, and this lack of information has prompted speculation from many fans. In general, most of these fans seem to believe that Mystery Boosters will be more expensive than a standard Magic: The Gathering booster pack, but how much more expensive is what is open for debate. Fortunately, there is some information available that may point to the price of Mystery Boosters prior to their first retail listings.

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Specifically, reports indicate that distributors, such as GTS Distribution and Southern Hobby Supply, have begun soliciting Magic: The Gathering Mystery Booster boxes, which are said to contain 24 packs and have a wholesale price that is slightly less than the booster boxes that contain 36 standard booster packs. It is further stated that the wholesale price of a Mystery Booster box points to an individual pack costing approximately 1.5x a standard booster.

If this proves accurate, it seems that players can expect MTG Mystery Boosters to cost around $6 when they become available next year. While this is certainly more expensive than a pack of Throne of Eldraine or M20, it is a far cry from 2018's Ultimate Masters set, in which booster packs had an MSRP of $13.99, and it would mean that Mystery Booster drafts would likely fire at local game stores for around $20 per person.

mtg mystery booster price

However, it is worth mentioning that there is indication that the expected value of a Mystery Booster pack is beyond $12, due to the current price of some of the reprints included in the "set." If ultimately the EV of a Mystery Booster pack is well beyond $6, it would not be extremely surprising to see retailers charging more for the product. That said, if Magic purveyors are able to stick the relatively low $6 price point, pulling one of the valuable Mystery Booster cards, such as Mana Vault, will certainly feel extremely satisfying.

The Magic: The Gathering Throne of Eldraine expansion set is available now.

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