Magic The Gathering Arena: Free Event Lets Players Win Every Card in Standard

The official release of Magic: The Gathering's fall set, Throne of Eldraine, is just under two weeks away, and players are now gearing up for the changes it will undoubtedly bring to MTG's Standard format. Many fans that wish to continue playing Standard will need to put together new decks, and they may need to add new cards to their collections in order to do so. Indeed, it is this exact need that a recently-announced Magic: The Gathering Arena event looks to address.

Running from October 5 at 8 pm PT to October 7 at 8 am PT, the Win Every Card Challenge is a free Magic: The Gathering Arena event focused around the Standard best-of-one format. In this event, players will have access to four copies of every card in Standard, which they can use to build as many MTG Standard decks as they desire. While players are only allowed to enter this Magic: The Gathering Arena challenge once, they can change decks between matches if they wish to do so.

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In this MTGA event, fans will play until they reach 12 wins or two losses, whichever comes first, and prizes scale based on how many wins a player achieves. Those that reach 12 wins before dropping two matches will receive one digital copy of every card in Standard along with one Sealed Event Ticket and the Golden Egg card sleeves. Players that only make it to 11 wins will instead receive one copy of every card in MTG's Throne of Eldraine set.

Furthermore, those that do not achieve such a stellar win rate in the Magic: The Gathering Arena Win Every Card Challenge will not go home empty handed. Anyone that participates will receive at least one rare TED individual card reward and the aforementioned Golden Egg sleeves. Considering that the event is free to enter, players should make sure they do not miss out on these rewards.

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The MTGA Win Every Card Challenge will be prefaced by a Play Any Deck event, which will also give players a chance to test new Standard decks but does not come with any rewards. The Play Any Deck event will take place from September 26 at 8 am PT to October 1 at 8 am PT, which means that fans do not have much longer to wait before putting their brewing prowess to the test with MTG's new set.

Magic: The Gathering Arena is available now in open beta on PC.

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Source: Wizards of the Coast

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