Magic Arena: Best Twitch Streamers To Help Improve Your Game

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Magic Arena is continuing to grow in popularity and help bring new players to the iconic card game. Magic: The Gathering tournaments and competitive play are certainly nothing new to the scene, but the accessibility and affordability of Arena is attracting a whole new generation of players. As this new talent arrives, they may want to find some of the most talented and entertaining pros and former pros to follow of Twitch for standard and limited tips and techniques.

After selecting the best deck for standard, players need to do the hard part: Learn how to play it well. Part of this comes from lots of repetition and practice, but listening to a pro talk through their own lines and decisions is an invaluable experience. Magic Arena players who are serious about making the climb to Mythic should definitely consider spending some time every week tuning in to at least a handful of Magic streams.

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6 NumotTheNummy

Arena players who prefer Limited should definitely follow Kenji (aka Nummy). He's one of the most talented drafters and sealed players in the game and any Limited player could learn a few things by listening to his thought process. As a bonus he also streams plenty of Standard and he has pretty great taste in music.

5 Gaby Spartz

Gaby broke onto the Magic scene a few years ago and quickly became one of the most popular streamers and faces in the tournament scene. Although she can hold her own while playing any of the top tier competitive decks, she has a tendency to enjoy drafting and building jank decks that are silly and seeing how far she can take them. Gaby is a perfect streamer to follow for players who don't just want to copy the #1 deck in the format after every tournament.

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4 Marshall_LR

Marshall Sutcliffe may be better known for his announcing skills at Magic Tournaments than for putting up tournament results himself, but don't let that fool you. There are few players who know the ins and outs of every format the way that Marshall does. His years hosting both Limited Resources and Constructed Resources have helped hone his skills for both playing and explaining his decision making process. His stream is a bit Limited focused, so he's another great resource for players who want to improve their drafting skillset.

3 Amazonian

Amy streams seven days a week on a pretty consistent basis and is an incredibly skilled MTG player. She tends to jump around from deck to deck, which makes her a great channel to watch if you are trying to master the current metagame. She knows the current format very well and listening to her talk through each play will give you a high level understanding of how all the most competitive decks are meant to be played.

2 Paul Cheon

Paul HAUMPH Cheon's streams have changed quite a bit since he transitioned from competitive tournament player to a Wizards of the Coast employee, but he's still a fantastic streamer to follow. His insider R&D knowledge brings a different type of commentary to his streams and makes his play even more interesting. He's a very talented Constructed player and seems to play that format the most, but  he will stream Limited games from time to time, as well.


When it comes to Magic, there isn't much that LSV hasn't accomplished. He's one of the best Limited and Constructed players in the world and consistently puts up amazing tournament results. He isn't afraid to go against the grain and take a stance on the quality of a card that breaks from what the general community tends to think, which is part of what makes him such an interesting player to follow and learn from.

Be sure to check back in the coming weeks for more Magic Arena and Magic: The Gathering strategy guides, news, and updates. Until then, good luck out there, planeswalkers!

Magic Arena is available now in open beta on PC.

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