Magic: The Gathering Alpha Black Lotus Card Sells for $166K


There's no doubt that Magic: The Gathering is still going strong ever since Wizards of the Coast debuted the collectible card game to the public in 1993, with MTG: Arena having recently brought the strategy card game to life in a digital iteration on PC. That's not to say that the physical version is any less popular, though, as there have been over twenty billion Magic cards produced between 2008 and 2016 alone.

While many of the newer cards brought into the game have found their own place within Magic: The Gathering's meta, some older ones have been banned or restricted for use in certain formats due to their tremendous power while in play. One such card is the Black Lotus from the MTG's Alpha set, as it allows players to add three mana without tapping any of their land cards.

After its introduction, the Black Lotus from Magic: The Gathering's Alpha set was never printed again. Now, one still in existence has recently broken the record for the highest price paid for an Alpha Black Lotus in a public auction, with the item going for $166,100.

For the uninitiated, the Alpha Black Lotus from 1993 had a Limited Edition print run of only 1,100, thus making the card a rarity in Magic: The Gathering, with the vast majority of this card in circulation having been damaged and worn from play. According to the premier trading card marketplace PWCC, the record breaking sale was for an Alpha Black Lotus that had four perfectly formed corners without any chips to the edges, and its black borders suffered no whitening from wear. The item contained superb print, color, and clarity throughout, giving it an incredibly high value.

Interestingly enough, the previous record sale of an Alpha Black Lotus in this grade was $87,672, and the Magic: The Gathering card was also sold by PWCC Marketplace back in July 2018. With this being the case, it makes for an 89% increase in price or return on investment for the seller in less than a year.

By and large, buying cards for Magic: The Gathering can be an expensive habit, but it's safe to presume that most avid players are saving their money for cards that can actually be used in play. Of course, even if that's the case, certain collections can still be incredibly valuable, with there having been one instance several years ago of thieves stealing over $75,000 worth of rare MTG cards. So, make sure to keep an eye on those cards and their conditions, MTG fans.

Magic: The Gathering can be played by assembling a deck of cards for physical play, or digitally in Magic: The Gathering Arena on PC.

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