MAG 'Escalation' DLC Priced and Dated

MAG Esclation Pack Price and Release Date

MAG has been going strong with a solid fan base since its release in January of this year. In order to keep the game feeling fresh, Zipper Interactive has rolled out a wide breadth of DLC content, both paid and free, to ensure gamers always have something to come back to. Releasing November 2, 2010, is a new piece of DLC that adds a new mode and three new maps to the game.

Titled the Escalation pack, this piece of DLC will introduce the Escalation mode to gamers who didn’t participate in the beta that occurred a couple months back. In the mode, teams will be tasked will taking control of either two or three objectives in order to gain access to a fourth objective. Victory is decided by whichever team reaches a certain point threshold or whichever team has the highest point count after time has run out. Along with the Escalation pack will be three new maps: Isla de Magma is a volcanic beach level, Silverback Ridge takes place in mountainous terrain and Radiant Barrens is a desert wasteland.

Don't worry gamers who have maxed out their skill trees and hit the level cap, each of the three game’s factions are also receiving a boost by way of three new weapon additions each. Raven will be receiving a Gotha Elite (assault rifle), a KP21 (machine gun), and a Kinmark SRS (sniper rifle. The Valor faction gets an M31 CIR (assault rifle), an M245 (machine gun), and a Sentinel M421 (sniper rifle). Finally, SVER receives a Tamsen MK2 (assault rifle), an Ariet SFW (machine gun), and a Rubakho SVR (sniper rifle).

For those gamers who might have missed out on the previous DLC for the game, Zipper is also dropping the price of the Interdiciton pack to $4.99. If MAG sounded like something worth trying out but you needed that extra push to check it out a new MAG Starter Kit will be available that throws in both the Interdiction and Escalation packs, a 30-day trial for two additional MAG character slots, six PS3 avatars, and three dynamic themes. All of this will be available for $14.99.

With SOCOM 4 hitting some time next year this might be the last we see of MAG DLC so jump in before the fan base begins to look elsewhere for their large scale battle fix.

Any gamers out there looking forward to the release of the Escalation pack for MAG? What is it about MAG that differentiates itself from all of the other FPS games out there?

MAG’s Escalation pack releases November 2, 2010, for the PS3.


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