The video game developer Hangar 13 puts out official details regarding the plans for forthcoming story expansions in its open world crime title, Mafia 3.

With Mafia 3 having had its launch nearly four months ago in October 2016, it’s safe to say that the majority of the fans who have picked up the title have already finished the game’s main campaign and are patiently waiting for news regarding the title’s forthcoming DLC. Thankfully, the open world crime game’s developer, Hangar 13, has finally divulged some official information about the release’s next three story expansions, offering teaser details involving the¬†Mafia 3 add-ons’ names, plots, and planned release dates.

As originally reported by GameSpot, the first Mafia 3 story expansion to drop will be called “Faster, Baby!,” and it’s going to revolve around “fast cars, dramatic chases, and epic stunt driving,” and it will also task players with taking down a corrupt sheriff in a new area to the game in the outskirts of New Bordeaux. Although Hangar 13 didn’t provide an exact release date, the developer did confirm that “Faster, Baby!” is to become available sometime at the end of this March.

The second story DLC pack planned for Mafia 3 is called “Stones Unturned,” and it focuses on the protagonist Lincoln Clay, as well as a CIA agent named John Donovan, which is set to come out during a May 2017 launch window. The third piece of post-launch content teased by Hangar 13 is called “Sign of the Times,” and it centers on the themes of religion and drugs in New Bordeaux’s inner city. Much like the previously mentioned expansion packs, “Sign of the Times” lacks a specific release date, but the developer intends for it to go live in July of this year.

Prior to “Faster, Baby!,” “Stones Unturned,” and “Sign of the Times,” Mafia 3 has received a decent amount of post-launch content, with one DLC portion including a free racing mode, another adding a new golden gun, and one more bringing in a bunch of new outfits. Although many considered Mafia 3 to be one of the most disappointing games of 2016, perhaps some will change their opinion of the game’s quality once all of its DLC can be played.

Beyond¬†Mafia 3‘s DLC, the open world game also received a PS4 Pro upgrade, which gave fans who play the title on Sony’s enhanced console higher quality performance and visuals. As it happens, Mafia 3 is among many on a long list of video games that have been given upgrades for the PlayStation 4 Pro, with Tom Clancy’s The Division being one of the titles to receive the patch most recently.

Taking all of this into consideration, despite the fact that Mafia 3 didn’t receive stellar reviews, it’s good to see Hangar 13 remaining steadfastly dedicated to providing the game with solid support after its initial launch. Of course, it’s not as if Mafia 3 was a total failure, as the game shipped 4.5 million units in its first week, breaking a record for 2K Games at the time, so there are obviously plenty of fans out there who enjoy the title too, and appreciate Hangar 13’s efforts.

Mafia 3 is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.