There used to be a time when the announcement of a new video game would come as a surprise to gamers and carry a certain amount of weight. As time goes on though, these announcements seem to be becoming more and more anticlimactic. The existence of Mafia 3 looks like it could fall into this same category.

From the early posting of product listings to mistakenly-tweeted release dates, very little truly comes as a surprise anymore in the gaming industry. As such, with the recent discovery of a casting call for what is being called an “untitled video game” by Take-Two Interactive, heads are turning at the prospect of what could be the next iteration in the Mafia series.

While the casting call does not mention any direct involvement with the Mafia series, the three characters listed seem as though they would fit into the series well. The first character – Franklin – is an African American orphan of mixed race who returns to his home of Louisiana and finds himself embroiled in a life of crime. The casting call describes him as “fiercely loyal to those he considers ‘family'” and being able to “get a job done at any cost.”

The next listing is for a character named Tony who is a well-dressed Italian gangster with a penchant for numbers and their subsequent profits. Finally, there’s Mickey, an Italian teenager who isn’t afraid to talk himself up but in the end, isn’t able to substantiate said talk.

Like Franklin, these two characters are born in Louisiana which could logically act as the setting for this game. With the prospect of a racially-powered narrative taking place in the southern States, if this is indeed Mafia 3, it could represent a new direction for the series. While the focus on family that the franchise is built upon is evidently still present, stronger sociocultural themes would be a welcome addition to the series.

After an extended development cycle almost killed Mafia 2, fans will certainly be excited at the possibility of a sequel. While some will be quick to dismiss this possibility, the fact that Rockstar turned to Mafia devs for help on Grand Theft Auto 5 is not something to scoff at. Whether this “untitled video game” is Mafia 3 or not, there’s little doubt that it will be an interesting project to follow in the coming months as E3 approaches.

Do you think this casting call refers to Mafia 3 or a brand new IP? What setting do you feel is underutilized in modern gaming?


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Source: All Games Beta