Publisher 2K Games releases a new trailer for Mafia 3, revealing the Hangar 13 game’s release date, information on the title’s pre-order bonuses, and a glimpse at the story.

Although the Mafia series has had all-too-obvious flaws at times, there has always been a charm to the series that gamers have found compelling. When news of Mafia 3 officially broke at Gamescom 2015, then, fans of the franchise could not wait to see exactly what developer Hangar 13 had in store. Finally, those fans now have a date to put in their diaries, after a new trailer from publisher 2K Games revealed the title’s release date of October 7, 2016.

Not only that, but the trailer in question showed off exactly what fans might expect from the pre-order bonuses that will be available for Mafia 3. Players looking to pick a fight in the game can get a bonus dubbed the Family Kick-Back pack, which includes three exclusive weapons and vehicles. This will be available for the game’s pre-order copies, although users then have a choice of exactly which pre-order to pick up.

As well as the standard version of the game, gamers can also pick up a Deluxe edition at $79.99, which comes with the game and a season pass for downloadable content – although what this content will be remains to be seen. Meanwhile, devoted Mafia fans may choose the Collector’s Edition of the game. Available for $149.99, this copy comes with the season pass, but also includes art prints, a collectable art book, and the game’s original score on vinyl.

Those who would rather focus on the game’s content, or who perhaps are tired of collector’s editions that are anything but hard to find, will no doubt be more interested in what else the trailer has to offer. Yet again, Hangar 13 shows off the game’s setting of New Bordeaux, as well as themes of revenge and retribution. It’s certainly looking as interesting as those previously-released screenshots appear.

Hopefully, when the game does see release, it lives up to the expectations that have been placed on it. Should the game deliver an overall level of quality that many thought was missing from Mafia 2, then fansĀ could be in for a real treat. However, given the series’ mixed bag of results so far, gamers could be forgiven for skipping a pre-order until more finite details are confirmed.

Up to this point, though, Mafia 3 is looking incredibly promising. The gameplay itself looks both beautiful and violent, while the storyline seems to be incredibly compelling at first glance. Come October, fingers will be crossed that the game is just as solid as it appears.

Mafia 3 is set to release on October 7 for Xbox, PS4, and PC.