It Takes Longer To Walk Across Mafia 3's Map Than Fallout 4's


Mafia 3 is out now, and YouTube timelapser TheyCallMeConor shows off his impressive dedication to his profession by walking across the entire map of New Bordeaux

Hangar 13's open-world crime game Mafia 3 is out now, and players everywhere are jumping into the developer's sizeable version of New Orleans, dubbed New Bordeaux. With the game finally released, one YouTuber decided to see just how long it would take to walk across the total playable area, with interesting results.

Passionate YouTube timelapser TheyCallMeConor, is well-known for finding out just how long walking across a game's map takes. When Mafia 3 released, it didn't take long for the channel owner to put up a video of protagonist Lincoln traversing the title's open-world environment.


The results are in, and Mafia 3 takes 1 hour and 23 minutes to trek across in its entirety. For reference, that puts it above Fallout 4's time of 1 hour and 1 minute, but below Red Dead Redemption which clocked in at an hour and 40 minutes. The longest walk the commited YouTuber has ever done was traveling the distance of half of an entire planet in No Man's Sky — a feat that cost the gamer an incredible 12 hours.

Despite a respectable world size, it's worth pointing out that the game is below both Watch Dogs and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in terms of scale. And while size isn't everything, people seem to have more to complain about than the game's playable area.


According to complaints made on the game's subreddit, Mafia 3 appears to suffer from a number of issues that are causing its player-base to question whether the title could have used a little more development time. From the lack of 60 FPS on PC to a lack of variation in gameplay, it seems as if Mafia 3 is being slated online as of late.

Of course, a statement on the game's website has confirmed that the latest in the Mafia franchise will be getting a 60 FPS patch on PC to bring the title up to scratch for those who have selected a more powerful rig for their gaming. Not much can be done for the other issues players are reporting, however, and the game's open-world will remain empty and disappointing for those who were expecting a little more from the experience.

Other aspects of the game, such as Mafia 3's brutal combat system, appear much stronger in the eyes of the players. As a Vietnam War veteran, Lincoln Clay's combat prowess means that he can utilize a variety of weapons in his fight as well as making use of his added stealth and agility to get the drop on his enemies.

Mafia 3 is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: TheyCallMeConor — YouTube

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