Mafia 3 Guide: How to Make Money Fast

With Mafia 3 now available to the masses, players can use the tips and tricks in this guide to make money fast in the latest open world game from 2K Games.

Similarly to other open world games like the Grand Theft Auto series, a major component of Mafia III is expanding one's bank account. In Mafia III, getting rich as protagonist Lincoln Clay may not be as easy as becoming a millionaire in the Grand Theft Auto games, but there are still some tips and tricks we can provide to get gamers on the right track.

First off, there's at least one reliable farming method that has been discovered in the game since it launched last week. Players have to progress in the story to the point where they can speak to Donovan in the downtown area of New Bordeaux, and begin completing the missions to take that territory over. Choose to do the Blackmail mission after speaking with Donovan, and then look for red blips on the radar - these are the "bagmen" cars that players will need to follow.

Ignore the mission's other objective for now, and just follow a bagmen car until it stops. Kill the two enemies that come out of the vehicle, and then collect the cash leftover, which should be at least a few thousand bucks each time. This method can be repeated endlessly as long as players don't complete the mission's other objective.

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Besides farming for cash, there are some other things players should keep in mind if they want to strike it rich as Lincoln Clay. First and foremost, players need to make sure that they are making regular visits to their safe to stash their cash. If Lincoln dies, 50% of the money he's holding disappears, so this is an important task for anyone wanting to get ahead. Players should also be sure to collect the profit from their rackets as soon as possible, as the rackets can only generate so much revenue before money stops building up.

As players progress through Mafia III's story, collecting cash from rackets and storing money in the safe becomes easier. Players should focus on completing the missions of Vito Scaletta first, as doing so unlocks abilities that make it possible to collect profits and send money to the safe without having to do so yourself.

Another way to save money is to avoid purchasing unnecessary items. Chief among the items that players shouldn't waste money on in Mafia III is ammo for the game's many different weapons because free ammo is available for anyone willing to use an exploit. To get free ammo in Mafia III, simply call the weapons truck, and then start cycling between different weapons. It's likely that this exploit will be patched out of the game in the future, but for now, players shouldn't be wasting their hard-earned money on ammo in Mafia III.

Using the tips outlined here, players should be able to dismantle the Italian mafia and build their own criminal empire in no time. But if there are any other ways to make money fast in Mafia III, let us know in the comments below.

Mafia III is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Gamers Heroes

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