In the build-up to E3 2016, developer Hangar 13 releases a teaser trailer for Mafia 3, giving fans a brief glimpse at what they can expect from the title at the gaming expo.

Ever since the game was first revealed by publisher 2K Games back at 2015’s Gamescom, fans of the Mafia franchise have been left wondering about exactly what shape Mafia 3 will take. Thankfully for gamers wanting more, the game is set to take centre stage at E3 2016. Now, perhaps to try and further ramp up even further excitement for the title, Hangar 13 has let a little bit more footage slip.

Launching on YouTube via the official Mafia 3 channel, the trailer itself continues to leave much up to the imagination of fans. Instead, the footage simply gives a snippet of what gamers will have in store once the game’s full trailer hits. That trailer is currently due to arrive at 17:30 PST on Sunday, 12 June.

Even though this is bizarrely a trailer for a trailer, there is still a bit of something to get fans excited. After all, the moody atmosphere of the New Orleans-esque city of New Bordeaux that has so far been showcased by some stunning screenshots continues to be pervasive. Meanwhile, long-term fans of the series may notice a pair of recognizable characters through a split-second glimpse of Vito Scaletta and Joe Barbaro, with the former already confirmed for a return to the franchise. Those interested in viewing the full trailer can do so below.

The trailer also continues what seem to be some of the major themes at play with Mafia 3. Once more the trailer shows off the fact that Mafia 3 seems to focus on revenge and retribution, and hopefully those somewhat heavy themes are handled with care. With 2K Games suggesting that that game is going to be a very different beast from Grand Theft Auto 5, gamers will no doubt be hoping that it manages to find its own niche successfully.

It’s also more than clear that Mafia 3 is going to be very different from the previous games in the franchise. Aside from a change of setting and time period, pushing the series forward into 1968, the gameplay is also apparently set to be equal turns beautiful and violent. If Hangar 13 is also able to add a vibrant open world to the mix, then Mafia 3 may end up being the best in the franchise.

Of course, the game’s full E3 2016 trailer, as well as any further information on the game that is bound to be released over the course of the expo, will no doubt give gamers a much better idea of how Mafia 3 is shaping up. Maybe then fans will decide whether the game’s collector’s editions are worth a punt.

Mafia 3 is set to release on October 7 for Xbox, PS4, and PC. The game’s full E3 trailer is going to launch at 17:30 PST on Sunday, June 12.