Madden Twitter Account Makes Fun of Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl Play

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As gamers prepare for the fall season of releases, which includes some pretty high profile titles like Fallout 4 and Halo 5: Guardians, sports fans are bracing for their own onslaught. Starting next month, and running through to October, EA Sports will be releasing its 2015 slate of sports video game titles, starting first with Madden NFL 16 in August.

In preparation for Madden NFL 16’s launch, EA Sports has begun to detail the sports game’s upcoming features and player stats. However, one stat in particular caught the attention of the 2014 Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks, who felt the need to make a playful jab at the Madden franchise.

As readers can see in the image below, Madden NFL 16 has given Seahawk running back Marshawn Lynch a ‘Trucking’ rating of 98, two shy of a perfect 100. Very few Madden players (the virtual ones) get a 100 rating, but some occasionally do, like Randy Moss did a few years back.

Nevertheless, the Seattle Seahawks took issue with the fact Marshawn Lynch’s Trucking was not, at least, given a 99. He’s easily the best running back in football, and if there’s one thing Lynch can do better than most it’s break through tackles and keep running.

And while Madden NFL 16 and the people of EA Sports don’t doubt that Marshawn Lynch has a high trucking ability, they seemed to take issue with being called out by the Seattle Seahawks. Of course, the Madden twitter account took the playful poke in stride, and replied with a jab of their own. See below:

Now, for those who might not follow or care about sports, the Madden tweet is in reference to Super Bowl 49, which the Seattle Seahawks lost on the final play. The team had the ball on the goal line and could have easily punched it in with Lynch’s trucking, but head coach Pete Carroll decided to call a pass. That pass was picked off, and the rest is history.

Obviously the two tweets are all in good fun, but we have to give props to the Madden social media team for such a sharp response. Normally, when a video game Twitter account receives some criticism they let it slip by, but clearly some PR associate felt it necessary to return fire, and we’re glad they did.

The good news is that the Madden ratings are flexible; they adapt to the live game better than almost any sports game out there. So if Marshawn Lynch starts the NFL season off with some high profile runs in which he breaks multiple tackles, which is not unheard of given his talent, then the Seattle Seahawks might just get their wish and a 99 rating.

Madden NFL 16 releases August 25, 2015 for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: Madden Twitter