Madden 20: The 10 Best Jerseys In The Game, Ranked

Thankfully for NFL fans, the league has done a better job in recent years in pushing and allowing teams to wear alternate uniforms. The color rush uniform initiative brought plenty of colors and pop to the game with some uniforms making a big splash. In Madden NFL 20, you can wear most of the jerseys you see on Sundays during the season as you play franchise or assemble your ultimate team. Let's get to ranking the 10 best jerseys you can wear in Madden NFL 20 and see who makes the cut.

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10 Philadelphia Eagles Color Rush

Sometimes when you're trying to pick a jersey or uniform to wear in a football game, you can be occupied with trying something different. If you play the game enough the standard jerseys can become boring to the eye and you could use a nice palette cleanser. The Philadelphia Eagles color rush jerseys may be black, but the Eagle green on the collar and sleeves help tie it in with the helmets. In reality, any Eagles jersey is better than their hideous yellow and blue throwback ones.

9 Atlanta Falcons 70s Classic

The 2019 Atlanta Falcons sadly fall into the category of the most underachieving and disappointing team of the season so far. Whether they're winning or losing, fans can still look forward to the uniforms on game day. When your franchise color scheme is red, black, and white, it's really hard to screw it up. Their 1970s throwbacks may look similar to their current jerseys, but the lettering and color of the red and black are slightly different. Match them with the classic red helmets and its a winning combination.

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8 New York Jets Color Rush

Whether it's making a weird head coaching hire or having their young franchise quarterback catch mono, the New York Jets have been the New York Jets in 2019. The team did do something out of character, though, when they unveiled their updated look for the new season. The team is now sporting a much more vibrant green and embracing the streamlined nature of real jet designs. Their green jerseys use just green and white and the boldness of the numbers pops off the fabric.

7 Los Angeles Chargers Powder Blue

When it comes to most popular alternate NFL jerseys, you'd be hard-pressed to not find a majority of people choose the Los Angeles Chargers powder blue jerseys as one of, if not the best. Yet, they've been used so much in recent years they're starting to lose a bit of their luster. It was announced during the 2019 NFL offseason that the powder blue jerseys would serve as the team's primary jersey in 2019. This is likely due to them soon sharing a home with the Los Angeles Rams and wanting to stand out on their own.

6 Detroit Lions Current Away

This will likely be one of the more contentious choices on the list, as the Detroit Lions are a team that's often the punchline of an NFL joke. Ever since they ditched black as a primary color and embraced their shade of blue called Honolulu blue, their uniform combinations have been some of the best in the league. Their white away uniforms come to life as the numbers are injected with their vibrant and energetic blue. Overlaying that with all blue pants makes it a complete package.

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5 Dallas Cowboys Throwback

One of the biggest gripes people have had with the Dallas Cowboys uniforms is that they're solid from the waist up, but the pants are an odd choice. The Cowboys tend to wear these silvery blue-tinted pants that don't match any other color on their uniforms, not even their silver. Thankfully, the Thanksgiving Day throwbacks trade them in for white pants and ditch grey/silver throughout. The jerseys are simple navy blue and white and use negative space to showcase the iconic star of the franchise.

4 Buffalo Bills Color Rush

The Buffalo Bills may be the third most popular team in their state, but that doesn't mean they have the third-best jerseys. Their color rush uniforms that bring the Bills red to the forefront are dynamic and go together well with both the iconic white helmet and the matching red pants. Their 2019 season has gotten off to a great start as Josh Allen has shown steady improvement along the way. If he gets better at limiting turnovers, it'd be hard to stop them with the defensive unit they're suiting up in the color rush jerseys.

3 Chicago Bears Throwback

These brand new throwbacks came as quite a surprise considering the Chicago Bears franchise is as classic and unflinching as they come. The helmets may come as a shock to Michigan Wolverine fans who likely also cheer on the Detroit Lions, who are rivals of the Bears. The socks scream Halloween and are the part of the uniform that makes or breaks it for people. The jerseys feature tons of shoulder stripes and bring the entire uniform together in a throwback Thursday post waiting to happen.

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2 New Orleans Saints All White

In 2019, there's an entire generation of NFL fans who don't remember what the New Orleans Saints franchise used to be viewed as. Sean Payton and Drew Brees have brought the team into successful prominence and with that success have seen some great new uniforms for the once-maligned team. Their color rush uniforms trade in the bright colors for an all-white look that focuses on the golden numbers and lettering that bring them together. They're super clean yet just gaudy enough to feel true to the city of New Orleans.

1 Carolina Panthers Color Rush

It's hard to argue that the Carolina Panthers may have the best color rush jerseys in the entire NFL. Their bright blue is uniquely them and it pops off the television screen. The mix of the deep black and white helps lend contrast to the uniforms. It also helps when you have one of the most dynamic athletes at both quarterback and running back. If you're a Panthers fan and don't own a blue Cam Newton or Christian McCaffrey jersey, are you really a fan? Keep pounding, and keep wearing those color rush jerseys.

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