'Madden NFL 15' Predicts Patriots Win Super Bowl XLIX

Madden NFL 15 Super Bowl Prediction


[UPDATE: Madden NFL 15's prediction was spot on. The New England Patriots beat the Seattle Seahawks 28-24 and Julian Edelman made the game-winning score.]

Although the game used to be a solid barometer for the big game, as of late Madden NFL’s Super Bowl predictions have been spotty at best. Last year, for example, Madden NFL 25 predicted a Super Bowl win for Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos in a close game. As we all know, both those situations did not play out that way in the final game, with the Seattle Seahawks trouncing the Broncos with tons of defense.

Nevertheless, since sports fans love to make predictions before the big game - whether it's the World Cup, the World Series, or even the MLS season - Madden NFL 15 is back with another Super Bowl prediction. So who wins Super Bowl XLIX? Read on to find out.

In what is virtually predicted to be a very close game, Madden NFL 15 simulates a victory for the New England Patriots over the reigning champs, the Seattle Seahawks. As some might expect, Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski were formidable forces during the big game, but it was Julian Edelman who makes the game-winning score, putting the Patriots on top 28 to 24. Check out some highlights from the virtual game in the video above.

No matter who wins, if the real game turns out anywhere close to the virtual one then Super Bowl viewers should be in for a treat. The last two times the Patriots made it into the Super Bowl, it was quite a game, but last year proved that the Seahawks can stifle any high-flying offense.

Madden NFL 15 Super Bowl Prediction

Seattle fans shouldn't have too much to worry about, though, because there is plenty of room for error with the Madden Super Bowl prediction. EA Sports used to be a lock when it came to their predictions, but it appears that as the virtual game became more realistic, the real game started to mirror the prediction less and less.

They nailed the Baltimore Ravens upset win over the 49ers two years ago, and the Giants repeat toppling of the Patriots, but they missed last year and three years prior. Still, after every year Madden gets it right, enthusiasm for the next year’s prediction increases. So keep your eyes peeled to Sunday’s big game, and maybe Madden NFL 15 will get it right.

What do you think of this year’s Madden prediction? Who will win Super Bowl XLIX?


Source: Joystiq

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