After a stumble two years ago in their prediction of the Steelers over the Packers for Super Bowl XLV, EA Sports was back in expert form by accurately naming the New York Giants the winners of Super Bowl XLVI. This year they are hoping to ride that one-game win streak into 2013 with their Madden NFL 13 Super Bowl prediction.

Who did Madden NFL 13‘s simulation choose as the victor for Super Bowl XLVII, you ask? Well none other than the Baltimore Ravens, who have been riding on the back of Ray Lewis’ swan song since the beginning of the season.

While a stats-filled look at the simulation game has not been released, EA has provided us with a trailer featuring the virtual game’s deciding moment. With the game on the line, and only 10 seconds left on the clock, 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick throws a decisive interception final that seals a 27-24 win for the Baltimore Ravens.

Though the potential for late game heroics certainly fueled the drama, the full simulation was dominated by the Ravens, who took a 14-point lead (24-10) off a touchdown pass from Joe Flacco in the 3rd quarter. Signs point to this Super Bowl being a defensive struggle, but Madden begs to differ.

It might sound crazy, but when it comes to predicting the Super Bowl, Madden is oftentimes spot on. Occasionally the simulation gets close to the official score, but the winner is usually the same.

Madden Super Bowl Prediction

It was only the aforementioned selection of the Steelers over the Packers where Madden ever got it wrong in the seven years EA Sports has been doing the sims, so we like the Ravens odds. Vegas, however, begs to differ as they currently have the San Francisco 49ers as 2.5-point favorites to claim a 6th Lombardi Trophy.

Both FIFA and Madden are somehow magically accurately predicting sports results — FIFA 12 correctly predicted the L.A. Galaxy would win the MLS Cup — so if we’re going to bet we might be inclined to pick the Ravens as well.

Do you like the Madden NFL 13 Super Bowl prediction? Who do you think is going to win Super Bowl XLVII?

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