Madden NFL 17 Glitch Turns Missed Field Goal into Touchdown

Madden NFL 17 Glitch Turns Field Goal into Touchdown - Madden NFL 17 Rams hurdle

Players discover a glitch in Madden NFL 17 that causes missed field goals caught by the other team to be considered a touchdown, and one that makes passing impossible.

A common problem with annual release franchises is that the games tend to suffer from more glitches and technical issues than titles that spent more time in the oven. This is perhaps especially apparent in sports titles, like the Madden NFL games from EA Tiburon, which usually have their fair share of glitches. Madden NFL 17, the latest entry in the long-running series, is no exception to this rule, and two particular glitches in the game have caught the attention of players.

One rather amusing glitch in Madden NFL 17 turns missed field goals into touchdowns. Sometimes when players miss a field goal attempt and the ball is caught by the other team, it is declared a touchdown, despite the fact that the ball was caught in the wrong end zone. What makes this glitch even funnier is the fact that the commentary team, said to have gotten a serious upgrade in this year's game, treats the touchdown as though it was scored by the opposing team.

Another common glitch that has been discovered by Madden NFL 17 players involves passing. Sometimes when players choose a pass play, no icons appear above their teammates' heads, so their only option is to run the ball instead of passing it. This glitch lacks the goofy commentary or absurdity from the other one, so players may find it more frustrating than funny.


We said in our Madden NFL 17 review that this year's entry in the series is the most polished on current-gen consoles to date, and that is true. However, the strenuous annual release schedule that EA Tiburon goes through year in and year out takes its toll, and unless EA gives the team more time to develop the games, there may never be a Madden game that is completely glitch-free.

Even then, it's rare for any game to be released without any glitches. In fact, it's fair to say that the bulk of major releases nowadays have at least a handful of weird glitches that some players will encounter. As long as things don't get as bad as Assassin's Creed Unity's glitches or games that are so glitchy that they become virtually unplayable, then they may not even have an adverse effect on one's enjoyment of a game. So, most will be able to forgive these issues with Madden NFL 17, as long as they don't crop up too often.

Moving forward, expect EA to address these glitches and other issues with Madden NFL 17. The game is meant to be a constantly evolving experience, with updates throughout the football season to reflect events in the real world NFL, and these updates are also expected to squash bugs and glitches. While they wait for fixes, players should just be prepared to run the ball when going for a pass play, and to try their best to avoid missing field goals.

Madden NFL 17 is available now for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: GameSpot

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