‘Madden NFL 15’ Team Embraces Glitch With ‘Tiny Titan’ Trailer

By | 2 years ago 


You might think that a series with the heft of Madden NFL wouldn’t need much in the way of advertisement, but a tongue-in-cheek new trailer released by EA Sports would seem to suggest that the scale of the blockbuster series simply allows for a little more wiggle room in how the game is marketed.

The ‘Tiny Titan’ trailer, released over the weekend, finds its roots in a glitch found in Madden NFL 15 shortly after its release back in August. Then, it was a minor bug that transformed a hulking linebacker into a miniaturized version of themselves, something that could have been written off as a sloppy mistake in other circumstances. However, given that this year’s edition of Madden has been particularly well received, fans were quicker to cut the devs some slack and simply have some fun with an amusing quirk of the game.

Thus, #TinyTitan was born and soon spread across the internet. Now, EA Sports is embracing the glitch with a humorous trailer chronicling the Titan’s meteoric rise as well as an in-game challenge for players to attempt. It’s a cannily put together piece of self-deprecating fun, something you might not expect from an industry giant like EA.

The ‘Tiny Titan’ trailer is only the latest piece of content to come as part of an exemplary marketing campaign that’s been put together for Madden NFL 15. Of course, after a disappointing installment in the form of Madden NFL 25 last year, the most important thing for the series was a satisfying game—and that’s something that EA Tiburon have achieved soundly. The next step was to reignite fan interest with a strong ad campaign.

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Employing a similarly star-studded approach to that which has worked so well for the Call of Duty series in the past, Dave Franco and Kevin Hart were tapped to star in a very amusing ad that gave a humorous look at what ‘Madden Season’ means to players. This sort of marketing does well to establish the release of the new Madden title as an event that can’t be missed—something that’s increasingly important in the ever-competitive fall release schedule.

Last week, EA released the Madden GIFerator to take advantage of the hype surrounding the beginning of the NFL season in another well-aimed attempt to draw interest to the series via the use of highly sharable, very funny content. The tool allows players to combine their own message with a variety of animations from the game to produce short GIFs to send to friends and post online—a very clever way of having fans spread the word about the fact that Madden is out in time for the new football season, something that’s much more likely to happen given that their audience is largely very satisfied with this year’s release.

Madden NFL 15 is out now, and is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360.