EA Sports: First ‘Madden NFL 15’ Gameplay Trailer & ‘NHL 15’ First Screenshot

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Although much of the buzz surrounding E3 concentrates on anticipation of news about long-rumored projects (like Halo 2 Anniversary) or updates on unconfirmed sequels (Tomb Raider 2 potentially?), that doesn’t mean franchises that deliver annual releases are willing to sit quietly on the sidelines all week. The developers and publishers behind the annually released Madden NFL and NHL sports sims are ready to take full advantage of the many eyes looking to the video game scene for news and entertainment over the next week.

Madden NFL 15 publisher Electronic Arts released the title’s first gameplay trailer this morning, which picked up with right where the announcement trailer left off. Carolina Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly takes center-stage in both the live-action and gameplay segments of the trailer and it’s clear that the producers of the preview aim to use the franchise’s newly redesigned defense system as a selling point this year.

Fans of the technical side of football will likely notice the concentration on pass rush options in the gameplay clips. Kuechly demonstrates a bull rush and a swim move to bypass the offense and reach the ball carrier. Similar options have been available in past Madden iterations, but the improved tactics are a part of the list of souped-up options for players on the defensive side of the ball. Details about the improvements can be found on the official Madden 15 website and include more tools and tactics…

Set the tone on defense with more control thanks to an all-new arsenal of pass rush moves, contain the open field with intuitive tackling mechanics, and play as a team with redesigned zone and man coverage logic all while being immersed in the play from the other side of the line, with defensive player lock cameras. Madden NFL 15 delivers on defense.

If the nitty gritty details of defensive gameplay aren’t all that exciting to you, some of this year’s other new features may be more interesting. Madden 15 is offering six new camera angles to follow the action, improved playcalling AI, and a new training option. More details about the game will likely land in the in the coming months before its August 26 release.

NHL 15 San Jose Sharks

EA Sports also released a treat for hockey fans this week. The first official screenshoot from NHL 15 features two San Jose Sharks (Joe Thornton and Scott Hannan) in incredibly lifelike detail. When EA released the first details about NHL 15 last month, the company explained that it was aiming to make vast visual improvements to the franchise by concentrating on equipment, jerseys, player expressions, and the crowd. From the looks of this new-gen screenshoot, it seems like the developers are really delivering on that promise.

In addition to the screenshoot, EA also revealed the pre-order bonus rewards for NHL 15. Customers who pre-order the game at a number of participating locations will receive 15 Gold Packs, which can be used in the game’s Hockey Ultimate Team mode. The packs are worth about a dollar a piece, so the pre-order nets fans $15 worth of digital product. The offer is raised to 24 Gold Packs for consumers who shop at GameStop in the U.S. or EB Games in Canada.

Do you think the upcoming generation of sports games will stand out from their predecessors thanks to the extra power offered by the Xbox One and PS4 or do you think the games will offer more of the same with a fresh coat of paint? Let us know in the comments.


Madden NFL 15 will be available August 26 on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. NHL 15 will be available this fall on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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