Madden 11 Looks Into The Crystal Ball For NFL Season Results

EA Sports Madden NFL 11 Season Predictions

With the NFL season right around the corner, it's time for EA Sports to peek into the future with the help of Madden NFL 11. EA has been right on the money recently with their game predictions, so if you’re going to Vegas, maybe you should put it all on EA [Disclaimer: This is a joke. We recommend you do not spend your real money on video game predictions.]

The simulation has left only one question in Packer fans’ minds, “Brett who?”. MVP Aaron Rodgers tore up defenses all over the league for a total of 4,639 yards and 36 TDs, to lead the league in both categories. However, Brett Favre is no slouch, he led the Vikings to a 12-4 record which tied the Packers for tops in the NFC.

The most surprising thing to me is the all around team dominance of the Baltimore Ravens, who finished on top of the AFC. Joe Flacco, Ray Rice and Anquan Bolden all finished in the top 10 in their positions by butting up huge numbers. Flacco threw for 4,112 yards and 25 TDs, Ray Rice ran for over 1,300 yards, and Anquan Bolden looked good in his new uniform by racking up nearly 1,200 yards. On the other side of the ball for the Ravens Terrell Suggs finished the season with 14 sacks en route to the Defensive Player of the Year Award.

Others who threw up big numbers were Houston’s Matt Schaub and Indianapolis’ Peyton Manning who both went for 4,500 yards. Running backs Chris Johnson, Steven Jackson and Adrian Peterson all tallied up more than 1,600 rushing yards.

Aaron Rodgers brings the sling to get himself the MVP

All in all, it’s looking like a great year in the NFL as Madden sees it. I've been playing a lot of Madden this year and I’m really happy how good this year's installment turned out, and it could easily become one of the best ever. If you haven’t picked up your copy, what are you waiting for?

Madden NFL 11 is out now on all consoles.

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