Randy Moss to Recieve this Year's First Perfect 100 Rating in 'Madden NFL 11'

Randy Moss 100 Rating

Get ready to see more people using the New England Patriots online in Madden 11, because Randy Moss is getting an upgrade. The Czar of Madden ratings, Donny Moore, says that the New England wide receiver will receive the first 100 rating of this year's game as part of a roster update scheduled for release this Friday.

Moss will be upgraded from a 99 to a 100 spectacular catch rating. Moore said, in an interview with ESPN, that the main reason Moss is getting the honor is because of his one-handed touchdown catch over star the New York Jets' cornerback Darrelle Revis in last Sunday's loss. Madden developers are monitoring the on-the-field actions of NFL players and updating the Madden 11 rosters to match so as to provide a more realistic game experience.

The upgrade to 100 isn't something that EA Sports gives away easily. According to Moore, players must consistently play at a high level to receive a high ranking, and once they've reached the 99 ranking, they have to separate themselves from the rest of the league. Moss' catch last Sunday apparently did just that.

"He has such beautiful body control, not to mention his hands are just amazing." ... "On top of it, the play happened over Revis, so that even adds to it. It's just one of those plays that everyone saw, and it's the very definition of spectacular catch, so we thought it warranted the perfect rating."

The perfect 100 ratings began with Madden '08, when Chicago Bears return man Devin Hester was given a 100 speed rating, a first in the series' history. Madden '08 shipped with the Hester perfect rating, but every 100 since then has come via roster updates, allowing EA to increase players' ratings when their play on the field merits it. Since that first 100 rating, EA Sports has given the rating out only to the gridiron elite, players like Reggie Bush (agility), Sebastian Janikowski (kicking power), and Peyton Manning (awareness) have all been graced with the 100 rating at some point.

Moore says players like Chris Johnson and Peyton Manning are close to getting a 100 rating this season.

"There were a lot of people who wanted us to ship the game with Chris Johnson at 100 speed, but he is already so darn good in the game. We want to reserve these 100 ratings for special moments where a player goes above and beyond to earn the rating. I think Peyton Manning's awareness could move to 100."

Moss' rating will make him even more of a threat in the game where, just like in real life, he's already one of the best at his position.  You can try to contain "the Freak" when the roster update rolls out sometime this Friday.

Madden NFL 11 is available now for the PS3, PSP, PS2, Xbox 360, Wii, DS, and the iPhone.

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