'Madden NFL 11' Predicts Pittsburgh Steelers Win Super Bowl XLV [Update]

Madden NFL 11 Predicts Pittsburgh Steelers Win Super Bowl

According to the annual EA Sports Super Bowl Simulation via Madden NFL 11, the Pittsburg Steelers will be crowned Super Bowl XLV Champions. The Steelers come from behind in the fourth quarter to secure their seventh Vince Lombardi Trophy by beating the Green Bay Packers 24-20.

The Super Bowl XLV simulation was conducted utilizing artificial intelligence powered by real-life data from each team to determine player ratings. It even includes variances, such as injuries, to predict the outcome. While Green Bay may have been the early odds favorite to win the Super Bowl, these Madden predictions have been pretty accurate in the past, correctly predicting six out of the last seven Super Bowl champions.

The only time Madden got the result wrong was in 2008 when it incorrectly picked the New England Patriots to beat the New York Giants. Madden, however, was likely not alone in getting that result wrong. No one, except maybe Giants players themselves, saw that Super Bowl going down the way it did.

The simulated game certainly had enough drama and big plays to make for a fun-to-watch Super Bowl. In the simulated version, Green Bay took a 3 point lead with 9 minutes to go in the fourth quarter. Then, with less than 2 minutes remaining Pittsburg's quarterback Ben Roethlisberger connected with Mike Wallace on a slant for a 36-yard touchdown pass. Finally, with no time outs left, Green Bay's quarterback Aaron Rodgers lead his Packers offense into Pittsburg territory before finally getting picked off by Steelers safety Ryan Clark, which secured the Pittsburg win.

Check out the video below for highlights from the simulated game.


What is your take on this latest Madden Super Bowl simulation? Do you think the Steelers will walk away with the trophy? Who do you think will win and what do you think the final score will be? Give us your thoughts and picks in the comments below.

Update: Well, you can't win them all. As most people are no doubt aware, the final score of Super Bowl XLV was 31-25, with the Packers victorious. Still, correctly predicting six out of the last eight Super Bowl winners is no mean feat, and we're sure Madden will be back next year, ready to try again.

Madden NFL 11 is available now for just about every platform on the market.

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