Madden NFL 11 Delivers Update and New DLC

Madden 11

The start of the NFL’s regular season is right around the corner, so it seems appropriate that Madden 11 receive a tune-up before gamers gear up for 16 weeks of beer, chips, and salsa. As part of the update, Madden 11 will receive various game play improvements including the option to return to the Strategy Pad Shortcuts from Madden 10. Head on over to the Madden 11 Blog to get a full rundown of all the changes that will be added.

Notable game play improvements include the addition of Scouting in the game’s Franchise mode as well as the inclusion of the new overtime rules, implemented to eliminate the same type of overtime loss the Vikings recently suffered at the hands of the New Orleans Saints. More severe punishments are also being added to keep players from abandoning games in Ultimate Team mode.

Along with the tweaks and additions, a new DLC will mark the beginning of regular content released under the title “Madden Moments Live.” Each week, EA Sports will release a playable scenario from one of the week’s most talked about game(s). The first DLC, that covers the Saints’ 2010 blitz for the Super Bowl Championship is titled 'March of the Saints'. While March of the Saints, like the update, is free of charge, all following editions of 'Madden Moments Live' will come with a cost attached. But if you enjoyed the game as much as we did you'll want to explore all there is to offer.

Madden Moments Live might not be an altogether new creation on EA’s part, but its immediacy is unlike what can be found in any other sports game. Being able to sit down in front of your console and replay that nail-biting moment that just had you screaming at your television, only this time making the result fall in your favor, is one of the most unique ways of coping with the unbearable depression that is witnessing your team lose.

What do you think of Madden Moments Live attempting to recapture past weekend's madness? Are there any tweaks you still need to see made to the game that weren't included with this update? Let us know in the comments below.

Madden NFL 11 is available now for the PS3, PSP, PS2, Xbox 360, Wii, DS, and the iPhone.

Source: Madden NFL 11 Blog

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