'Madden' Creative Director & EA Sports Chief Technology Officer Leave EA

Madden Creative Director and EA Sports Chief Technology Officer Leave EA

Madden Creative Director, Ian Cummings, and EA Sports Chief Technology Officer, Richard Wifall, have both left their employment with EA. Word of Cummings departure was made via the Madden NFL 12 official blog, while Wifall took to Twitter to announce the end of his EA Sports tenure.

While departures are nothing new in the video-game world or in any other profession, these two might receive a little extra scrutiny just because they are happening during the time leading up to Madden NFL 12's release. Madden NFL 12 might be a significant release for EA Sports because of the potential for a NFL lockout, strike shortened season, or complete cancelation of the season.

While neither Cummings nor Wifall can do anything to control what happens with the real upcoming NFL season, Cummings wanted fans to know that Madden NFL 12 was in good hands. In addition to thanking Madden fans, Cummings took the time to discuss some of the improvements gamers would see in the 2012 installment, providing:

"I leave the Madden NFL 12 development team with confidence that it is in great hands.  The feature set is something our core fans are really going to appreciate.  From the improvements to core gameplay, to the additions to modes like franchise and superstar, and the innovative tech being used to overhaul presentation…Madden NFL 12 will be the best we’ve created yet.  I’m amazed at how great it looks and how well it plays at this stage of development, with several months left to tune and polish."

Making the perfect Madden game is a tall task to be sure. Madden NFL 11 took some steps in the right direction and hopefully Madden NFL 12 will continue to move the series forward despite Cummings and Wifall moving on. Hopefully they both find their next step in their careers satisfying and make some great games if that is what the choose to do and hopefully Madden fans will get the great game they deserve.

What are your thoughts on Cummings and Wifall moving on and leaving EA? Do you think Madden NFL 12 will be impacted in anyway? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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Source: Official Madden NFL 12 Blog; Twitter

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