Electronic Arts Looking to Make Film Based Around the 'Madden Curse'

Electronic Arts Developing Madden Curse Film

The Madden Curse: most players fear it and most gamers are intrigued by it. EA Sports has always received flack from both the players and the fans over the supposed Madden Curse and have done everything to appease the so-called “Madden gods.”

In an interesting turn of events, it looks like Electronic Arts has decided to turn to the gods of Hollywood in order to make a film that explores the Madden curse. The rumored story follows a fictional account of a retired video game player who somehow appears on the corner of a Madden cover, and returns to the game and live out the curse.

While this film sounds all well and good it doesn’t necessarily seem like it explores the real life implications the curse has had on players’ careers. Instead it sounds like it is playing the curse for laughs when the film could go beyond the mildly humorous and be a true story of redemption amidst cosmic forces.

The curse itself started back in 1999 when the Madden franchise decided to trade its titular commentator for an ever rotating number of top tier players. Since that decision, many of the players who have graced the cover of Madden have either seen a significant decline in their production or were seriously injured. Some might even say that the Madden Curse can follow a player throughout their career as they work to break it.

There are a few players worth mentioning in connection with the Madden Curse, like future Hall of Famer Marshall Faulk and Titans once again injured QB Vince Young, but none seem to hold a candle to the story of Michael Vick. After having an extremely productive 2002-2003 season and being named the Madden cover athlete, Vick suffered a leg injury that left him on the sidelines for the vast majority of the next season. After that, Vick struggled to get back into the limelight and ultimately wound up in jail. Now back playing the game he loves, Vick is writing his own destiny as he is leading the Philadelphia Eagles to a playoff berth.

It’s interesting to bring up Vick as the major Madden accursed because of his road to redemption. As the curse might seem to be waning (Madden 11 cover athlete Drew Brees is having a solid year), perhaps a film would be the perfect thing to lift it completely. What the film might explore is a topic Game Rant will leave to big brother site Screen Rant.

What type of Madden Curse film would you like to see Electronic Arts deliver: a humorous Brett Favre type story or one like Michael Vick’s, focused on redemption?

Source: The Wrap

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