Madden 18 Trailer Debuts Longshot Story Mode

Madden 18 Longshot Trailer

Madden 18 opened up the show at today's Electronic Arts E3 2017 Press Conference, which now has to go forward without popular figurehead Peter Moore at the helm of its announcements. So far, fans of Madden 18 have only been treated to the cover art and a small teaser trailer, but a new trailer has revealed a first for the Madden series: the Longshot Story Mode, which introduces a cinematic storyline experience to the franchise.

The game will focus around a forgotten college star named Devin Wade (played by JR Lemon), who has returns back to his hometown of Mathis, Texas and attempts to reignite the career that has flustered on him so far. The true star power of the series likely comes from the player's father, Cutter Wade, who is played by Mahershala Ali. So far, a supporting cast featuring a best friend also pursuing the same dream (played by Scott Porter), with former NFL player Dan Marino lending his likeness to the story as well.

This isn't the first EA Sports title to introduce a cinematic storyline mode, and there's some noticeable similarities between the Longshot story mode and FIFA's The Journey, wherein two friends both attempt to reach for the stars while the main player deals with his father figure. Longshot looks to be chock full of drama and cinematic moments as Devin Wade attempts to make the 'longshot' of re-igniting his stagnant career, going from patchy grass to the real gridon.

What do you think about the all-new Longshot Trailer from E3 2017, Ranters?

Madden 18 is schedule to release August 25 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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