'Madden NFL 12' Predicts Giants Win Super Bowl XLVI

Madden NFL 12 Predicts Giants Win Super Bowl

For a good while there Madden NFL was on a roll picking which team would win that respective years Super Bowl. Much like the octopus that made a ton of successful picks in the World Cup, simulating the game in Madden typically delivered fairly accurate results, leading up to Super Bowl XLIII's prediction, which was pretty spot on.

But just last year, as we all know, Madden made a bold prediction in suggesting that the Steelers would win the Super Bowl, a simulation game that stayed a simulation thanks to one Mr. Aaron Rodgers. However, Madden is undeterred by having its streak broken and is back for this year's clash of the titans, and has another bold prediction.

Though Madden NFL, when these two teams met back in 2008, went with the obvious choice of the then undefeated Patriots as Super Bowl champs, this year's Madden NFL 12 (with all player stats updated) simulation went the other way. Both Eli Manning and Tom Brady threw for 2+ touchdowns, hitting some of their favorite receivers, but only one could reign supreme in Indianapolis.

It was a hard fought battle, with a few clutch interceptions, but ultimately the Giants were able to come through with a final seconds field goal to take the virtual Lombardi trophy. This simulation truly went down to the end, and EA Sports has released a nice video package to highlight the match.


While we'll have to wait until Sunday to find out how the official game will play out, amidst all the funny and not-so-funny commercials, if this a taste of what football fans have in store for them, this could go down as a big one. Currently the Patriots are favored by just over 3 points, putting gamblers who want to use this simulation as fuel in a pretty tough spot.

To see if Madden NFL can get another streak going make sure to watch Super Bowl XLVI on NBC.

Do you think that Madden's prediction will come true? How do you see Super Bowl XLVI playing out?

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